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GTW Review - Moto-X (SNES)

Written by Frank Gasking - January 22, 2007

Super Nintendo
1994 Trimark Interactive / Software Creations

MotoX title screenshot

MotoX title screen

You’ll find that many times there are games fully completed, but never let out of the doors. Back in 1994, Moto-X was one such casualty for the SNES - although completed, was sadly canned and kept away from the public eye.

Often this happens when a game is particularly poor (Well, sometimes!), but there doesn’t seem to be too much wrong with this intriguing title.

Moto-X was being developed for Nintendo by Software Creation’s Ste Ruddy (Bubble Bobble C64 fame) with a hand from the Pickford brothers over a period of 8 months. This was one of the first titles being developed by Ste Ruddy after helping to set up Software Creations in America.

The game is best described as an update of Nintendo’s Excitebike on the NES and was actually the second incarnation of the game after an earlier version was previously started and also canned back in 1992/93.  This first version was more of a mixture of Excitebike and Powerdrift (With the Powerdrift viewpoint being the major difference).  Ste used some of the older game’s routines to create a much improved title, but with the more focused approach on one genre of game (Being Excitebike).

MotoX ingame screenshot

MotoX In-game

The game, although playable, sadly lacked depth according to Ste Ruddy. The game had three skill levels, each of which had five different tracks and a bonus level to get through. The lack of depth was down to a lack of variety between the levels. However, things were made better with some superb heavy metal audio by Tim and Geoff Follin used throughout the game.

So with a fully complete game and fully approved by Nintendo, Trimark Interactive got cold feet in the console games market, deciding that ‘Interactive Movie games’ were the future. Interests therefore wandered away from consoles and the game was cancelled as a result. Software Creations were fully paid though, so the developers didn’t miss out; but sadly gamers did.

So what about now being able to see the game and playing it?

Ste Ruddy has confirmed that he still has the full game, but sadly it cannot be released due to legal ties with Nintendo.  Possibly in the future it will make its way out when things calm down, but we don’t know how long that will be sadly.  However,  you can check out the video clip of the game (thanks to Ste) to see what you are all missing and have a taster at the very least.

Another one bites the dust,  and one which is not lost - but may never see the light of day…

Video clip

Title screen footage

In-game footage

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1. Alex - January 22, 2007 at 11:47 pm
Its a shame it can’t be released now, perhaps Nintendo could be persuaded to allow gamers to download it for the Wii! I bet that would be a really fun 4-player game.
2. proton - January 24, 2007 at 2:50 am
Like BMX chaellange on California Games or BMX Kids. Nice.
3. Superfamiking - February 24, 2007 at 6:56 pm
Shame this was never released, as after seeing it here, it looks better than a lot of released titles………………… Looks to me like an updated BMX Flyer
4. Alex Ross - May 14, 2007 at 11:03 pm
As a side note - Ste was interviewed for the latest issue of Retro Gamer, which also features a small mention of Moto-X and it being revealed on this very website! I believe Frank gets a kind namecheck too! :)
5. Shadax2Glendaal - December 19, 2007 at 9:42 am
Dang! What a downright pity. I collect Software Creations games as a hobby, and this looks to have been an AWESOME addition to it. You can just tell the music’s the Follin Brothers. It REEKS of other great S.Creations SNES titles like “Super Off Road” and “Rock ‘N Roll Racing” Heh! But Equinox - Solstice II is still my favourite work of theirs, no contest! Thanks a thousand for the article, Frank!