Black Rebel Motorcylce Club

Gigz with Peter Hayes, Robert Turner, and Nick Jago from B.R.M.C. @ 31st Street Pub

RC: First time, Rock Circus has broken their cherry at 
     the 31st Street Pub with these guys, Black Rebel 
     Motorcycle Club. This is their first Virgin record,
     major label right?
Peter: That goes along with the other thing you just 
Robert: The cherry thing.
RC: Is this your first time in Pittsburgh, are you also
     breaking your cherry here, in Pittsburgh, tonight?
Robert: No, we broke it wide open last time... long time
RC: How long ago were you here?
Robert: When was that, like six months ago. That was a 
     rough one. We booked it kind of quick, that was our
     first tour out, it was just kind of a live wire
     back then.
RC: Were you still trying to get the kinks out of the 
Robert: To go... before we thought about it... you 
     know... just playing anywhere and everywhere. We 
     had our album out, no reason to sit at home so we
     just took off in our van.
RC: Were you trying to be as free spirited as the music?
Robert: I don't know if we thought about it that much,
     just wanted to play some rock-n-roll now, you know?
RC: Now you signed with Virgin and the thing that really
     blows me away is that they let you produce, and do
     a lot of the production work, that they usually
     hire a big gun to come in and do. How did you
     convince the label or were there any conflicts with
     suits or anything?
Peter: Ahhh... well... there was options offered.
RC: Did you cut a lesser deal?
Peter: Well... you take less money... that's all.
Nick: There was a conflict between ourselves too. When 
     you got three guys trying to produce an album, then 
     you got too many cooks in the kitchen, and it's 
     gonna be a little bit messy for a while.
RC: Was it messy for you guys?
Nick: I think everybody had an understanding... being 
     understood and respected eachother. There might be 
     some muddy areas but we figured it out, and we got
     away with it, so...
RC: Yeah, you had hands on control for everything. 
     That's great, I think more bands should take that 
     initiative. Now I was reading Peter, that you don't
     like a lot of the bands that people are listening 
     to. Is it the top 40 stuff or just what's out there
     in general? Would you care to embellish, I didn't 
     really understand the quote.
Peter: Oh... well... I don't know where that one came
     from. Basically, it's just that I don't listen to
     the radio, and that's about as much embellishing
     as there is...
RC: You don't listen to a lot of music at all, do you?
Peter: No... not really... it's just what it is.
RC: Did you guys, when you got together, deal with any
     psychedelic type drugs to come up with a sound? In
     the 60s a lot of bands like Pink Floyd and Donaven
     did, was that a thing for you guys or did this just
     come naturally? I mean you came from a family of 
     musicians Robert, so I'm sure that you were exposed
     to a lot of things.
Robert: We all had it in our background, our families 
     all had musical sides in some way. But the idea is
     you don't need it when you listen to it and try to
     get the person there without it, so we didn't need
     to create it while we were on anything, you know?
     The trick is to make good music that stands up 
     without that. If you take it there's nothing wrong
     with that, and if it sounds better God bless you. 
     But the idea is not to use any tricks, and that's 
     the trick.
RC: Is it a trick, I didn't know. Morrison, I guess it 
     out-tricked him in the long run but...
(Robert puts his head down laughing to himself)
     (laughing)Did I just get him mad? Morrison was 
     always on LSD and that was his trick on stage, with
     his shenanigans and mannerism, and the way he 
     carried on. A lot of that was drug induced, that's 
     all I meant.
Robert: In recording, anything's a tric. If you try to 
     add something to take yourself to another place 
     that's not already naturally there, that's a trick.
     Any recording gear that you use that's artificial,
     that's another trick. We try to use as little as 
RC: I understand.
Peter: You try to remember where you've been... at the 
     time... if you've done drugs, you know?
RC: Try to recapture it?
Peter: Well, try to learn from it... I don't think we're
     the type of people who like to listen to our album
     and music on drugs... it's way to critical.
RC: Do you mind if your fans do that, is that all right?
Peter: Oh, that's lovely. No, it's really rough to...
     it's all about the music... it's all the same 
     thing... it all ties together, but, what are we
     talking about?
RC: Your music.
Peter: (laughing) Oh, OK, I forgot about that.
Nick: What else were we talking about there?
RC: I wanted to talk about how you just sort of darted
     in, out of the San Fransisco scene and hooked up 
     with these guys, to form this cool trio. I mean I
     love you guys, look at my CD, it's beat, I'm 
     trying to help you out here.
Nick: I just randomly met these two guys...
RC: Just randomly...
Nick: Yeah, it was kind of random and fateful at the 
     same time.
RC: Kind of like destiny?
Nick: It was random...
Robert: It was a little coincidence. I just kind of 
     invited him to the show. We were kind of seeing
     eachother around, on and off. I said I'm playing
     this show, me and Peter were in this band called 
     Wave a long time ago, and we were just f***ing 
     around. We played this show and he showed up and
     ended up jumping on stage while we were playing 
     and started doing his thing, and it was cool.
RC: Are they Ludwig drums you like to carry around with 
Nick: Uhmmm... yeah... Ludwigs.
RC: English drummers seem to like them.
Nick: Someone gave me those drums. I didn't know what 
     they were. I was lucky enough to have someone give
     me those drums. It was like a drummer that didn't 
     really make it so big in the music industry and 
     really wanted to promote drumming. He just gave me
     a set and I was like, yeah, I've never really had
     a set of drums before, thank you very much.
RC: You learned in England or when you came here?
Nick: I learned with these two guys.
RC: You taught him (turning to Peter), aren't you multi-
Peter: We played off eachother.
RC: But that was it, I mean, to have that natural 
     talent, that's pretty amazing I think.
Robert: Well... we all learned off eachother. We all 
     knew how to pick up the basic instrument, but not 
     to do anything more than that... just pick it up, 
     hit a chord... but we really learned how to play
     by all of us getting together and making it 
     happen, hammering it out, but it was fun.
RC: Sounded like it was fun. Now you're heading off to
     Europe soon? You're getting airplay on the BBC,
     that's cool. How long are you gonna be over there?
Peter: About a month, I believe... I love to... I love 
     to go.
RC: Now is that it, just Europe?
Robert: There's a couple other places. A couple little
     places scattered about. We haven't worked it all
     out, it's kind of a tease, the whole things a 
RC: Really.
Robert: Yeah, we're coming back home and then planning 
     it for real, you know, kind of a pre-tour.
RC: Are you guys working on a new video for the CD, next
     single? What's the next single you're gonna be 
Peter: I believe it's "Love Burns."
RC: That's a good tune. What did I want to ask you about
     real quick, ohhh, on "White Palms" you make a lot 
     of references to Jesus. Are you guys religous or
     spiritual, or you don't even care to talk about 
     that, because some people it's to personal.
Peter: Ahhh... in that one song we make a lot of 
     references because it says his name about fourty
     times, maybe... so... if we're talking about that
     song... I don't know. We're just questioning 
     things, religion, government...
RC: You're almost asking when's the second coming 
     coming. Which is a pretty big deal in a lot of
     established religion, you know what I mean?
Peter: Yeah, well it's just... come, if you're gonna 
     come already.
RC: Well anyways, we'll roll into "Whatever Happened to
     my Rock-N-Roll punk song."
Robert: Dude, what time is it?
RC: It's like 2:30 in the morning.
Robert: That's the time we...
RC: You go back in to your box.
Nick: I'm going to go to church tomorrow and pray a 
     little bit.
RC: You are, that's cool, that's what I do every Sunday
     morning. If it works for you use it, that's what I
     say. But we'll keep a peep out for "Love Burns,"
     here's the video on Rock Circus.

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