sample data
Please be informed of our preparation status on public release of ASTER Global DEM (G-DEM).

The first version of G-DEM was completed. We are currently doing data validation using the first version as well as updating G-DEM by artifact correction, aiming to release on June 1, 2009.
We are also preparing the agreement for G-DEM distribution and data use. The core items of the agreement are as follows.

- Intended users
G-DEM data will be distributed to persons or organizations that are sited in countries belonging to GEO Affiliates (Group of Earth Observation) and conduct work on research and development in 9 societal benefit areas (disaster, health, energy, climate, weather, ecosystem, agriculture, and biodiversity) defined by GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of System).  
(Refer to GEOSS homepage URL: http://www.epa.gov/geoss/)

- Price
G-DEM data will be provided free of charge to the users who satisfy the above condition.

- User registration and certification
To obtain G-DEM data, all users need to register as G-DEM user by providing basic individual information.

- Conditions on data use
To use G-DEM data, all users have to agree with some condition and limitation of data use such as prohibition of secondary distribution and credit notice obligation when G-DEM data itself and/or value-added product generated from G-DEM data is posted on internet and/or scientific journal and any printed materials.

G-DEM data distribution to commercial users is under consideration at the moment.

Updated information including the release date is announced on ERSDAC web page.