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The future of home-based or small-scale energy generation

Green Energy Bill gets second reading

Promoted by Conservative MP Peter Ainsworth The Green Energy Bill [Definition and Promotion] Bill, which seeks to boost microgeneration, has passed an important milestone and received a second reading in the House of Commons.

Micropower Annual Conference
and Awards Dinner 2009

Micropower 2009

The Micropower Council Annual Conference took place on Wednesday 29th April 2009 at the BERR Conference Centre, London, followed by the Awards Dinner at One Whitehall Place.

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Latest News on Microgeneration

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Go to our Information page to learn how to get help with installing microgeneration technologies

You can also get a leaflet outlining grants available to householders from the Government.

Turning your home green

Watch a webTV show programme on Microgeneration featuring ITV's Dream Homes presenter Oliver Heath, and Helen Stead, Microgeneration Development Manager at npower.

See the programme at Homes & Garden : Turning your home green.

Benefits for Consumers

Why should I produce
my own energy?

  • Save money by reducing the amount of energy you buy
  • Help the environment by reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
  • Provide your own back-up power in the event of supply failure
Public Policy Benefits

How micropower affects
energy policy

  • Micropower technologies reduce emissions of carbon dioxide
  • Domestic users with Micropower technologies change their attitudes towards energy use
  • Micropower appliances create a visible reminder that consumers are “doing their bit”
  • Micropower contributes significantly to other goals of offers diversity and security of energy policy