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Readers Groups

Central Library Readers' Group

We are a friendly group which meets approximately every six weeks at 7.00pm on a Wednesday to talk about books.

On Wednesday 27 May 2009 we will be discussing the works of the late J.G. Ballard.

If you would like more information about the group please enquire at the Help Points on the first and second floors, telephone: 01793 463238, or e-mail: jwignall@swindon.gov.uk.

Highworth Library Readers' Group

Highworth reading group

Highworth Library runs three lively minded, diverse and approachable groups.

Tuesday Reading Group

The group met on Tuesday 11 May 2009 and we discussed books by Anita Shreve.  The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 16 June 2009 at 1.30pm when we will discuss the book by Oswald Wynd - The Ginger Tree.

We now have a waiting list in place for this Reading Group, if anyone would like to add their name to the list please telephone Highworth Library on 01793 462500.

Wednesday Reading Group

This group meets once a month on a Wednesday in Highworth Library at 10.45.   We last met on 29 April when about half the group discussed poetry.  Some of us regularly read poetry and others do not but remember affectionately poems learnt at school.  Most have read poems by John Betjeman and, using examples from a book by Wendy Cope, nonsensical rhymes by MichaelRosen and Edward Lear we discussed whether we all liked poetry to rhyme.  We discovered a pocket-sized book by a little known local poet who lived in Blunsdon – Things dear to the country heart by George Shipway.  Most members have now read Bad traffic by Simon Lewis and despite first impressions really enjoyed it.

At this meeting there was plenty of choice for books to read for next time.  Our main choice was Animal farm by George Orwell.  Copies of the two books by Emma Darwin - Secret Alchemy and Mathematics of love were available too.  Members were reminded that we need to return our copies of the novel competition entries, plus comments, to Hookline Publishers by the end of the month. 

Next month we will all be reading East of the sun by Julia Gregson with White tiger by Aravind Adiga as an extra option.  So as you can see a busy group at the moment!!  We are a very friendly group and if you would like to join us please either leave your contact details with a member of staff at Highworth Library or just turn up at our next meeting on Wednesday 29 April.

Thursday Reading Group

Highworth Library holds an evening reading group on the second Thursday of each month.  It starts at 6pm and usually runs for about an hour.

Our next meeting will be on 11 June 2009 when we will be discussing The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox.

At the moment this group is full, but if you are interested, please contact the library and if there is sufficient interest we will happily start a second evening group.

"Bonkers for Books" Children's Reading Group

Three children attended the meeting on 12 May 2009 and delivered their reviews.

Knife by R.J. Anderson - Knife is the eponymous hereione of this story.  She lives in a community of fairies whose home is an oak tree.  They are forbidden to leave the tree as it might expose them to humans who are considerd to be "bad".  Knife leaves and forms a freindship with a human boy.  This book is not yet finished so......watch this space.  It is highly recommended being full of action, adventure and fantasy.

Judy Moody Declares Independence - by Megan McDonald.  It is really good and very funny.

Allie Finkles Rules for Girls - Best Freinds and Drama Queens - by Meg Cabot got a rave.  " This book was soooooo good I read it twice" and "I kept picking the book up at night and not being able to put it down"

Ironhand by Charlie Fletcher. Slow progress reported as bedside light unfortunately stopped working and book had to be read by torchlight.  Light now fixed.

Books now being read include

Christian The Lion - based on the story of Anthony Bourke and John Rendall

Dessert Diva by Carrie Bright

Pandemonium At School and The Battle for Christmas by Jeremy Strong

Sebastian Darke Prince of Pirates by Sebastian Darke.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 9 June 2009 at 4pm.

If you would like more information about the groups, please telephone Highworth Library on 01793 463500, or contact us by email at highworth.library@swindon.gov.uk

Liden Library Readers' Group

We have just read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. A book of literary quality that has been compared to Anne Frank's diary. It is set during a period that begins with France's fall to the Nazis in June 1940 and ends with Germany turning it's attention to Russia. Her brilliance as a writer lies in her protrayal of people. Her characters are vivid and unforgettable. A thoroughly good read. Our next book is Anne Tyler's The Amateur Marriage.

Our group is very full so unfortunately we cannot take any new members at present.

The group generally meet every six weeks, on a Tuesday evening between 6 - 7pm.

If you would like more information about the group, please telephone Liden Library on 01793 463504, or contact us by email at liden.library@swindon.gov.uk

Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney Library Readers' Group

The next meeting of Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney Library Book Group is at 6pm on Thursday 26th March 2009. This month's book for discussion is a crime novel by Rebecca Tope - A Cotswold Killing.

Moredon Book Group Meetings 09   (43Kb Downloadable PDF)

New members are always welcome so if you would like more details please call Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney Library on 01793 464490 or Caroline Blake on 01793 707124.

North Swindon Library Readers' Group

Our group is informal, relaxed and chatty and we would welcome any new members.

The next title for North Swindon Library Readers' Group is The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 17 June 2009 at the usual time of 6.30pm until 8pm. Anyone who has read the book and is interested in discussing it is welcome to attend. We will also be sharing and discussing our favourite poems

If you would like to find out more or become involved please call 01793 707120 and ask for Gwyneth or email northswindon.library@swindon.gov.uk or ask at the main desk next time you are in the library.

Park Library Readers Group

Our next meeting will be on Monday 6 April 2009 to discuss The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. If you have read the book and would like to join in please come along.

The meeting following that will be on Monday 11 May (as 4 May is a bank holiday and the library will be closed) and we will be talking about The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

Our group usually meets on the first Monday of the month at 10am. You are welcome to come along and join us for the discussion and a cup of tea or coffee. If you are interested please ring or email the library or come in and talk to a member of staff.

West Swindon Library Readers Group

Tuesday Reading Group

West Swindon Readers group started up in September 2004 and is now a thriving and lively group.

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th January 2009 when we will be discussing Wives of the East Wind by local author Liu Hong.

The Readers Group is so successful that at the moment we are unable to take on any more new members.  If you would like to add your name to the waiting list, please contact Tracey Dowling, Telephone: 01793 465554  or email tdowling@swindon.gov.uk

Thursday Reading Group

Join our daytime readers group.

For more details on our next meeting or book choice, please contact West Swindon Library on 01793 465555 or e-mail westswindon.library@swindon.gov.uk.

Wroughton Library Readers Group

If you would like to participate in the Wroughton Library Reading Group, contact Wroughton Library by telephone on 01793 464496 or email wroughton.library@swindon.gov.uk

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