King of Fighters '99

After some wild times at the arcades, the next King of Fighters installment is coming home to the PSX for all you fighting fans out there.

King of Fighters '99 is a year or two late, but still a fine specimen of a fighting game. The home version tries to spice up the standard three-on-three-plus-strikers formula from the arcade version by adding a Single play mode. Two fighters-one active, one a striker-fight their way through the rest of the cast in an old school best-of-three brawl. The mode simply doesn't fit in the King of Fighters series, though, and is more of a novelty than a game mode. The sounds and animations of the Neo Geo were apparently too much for the PlayStation to handle, and the quality is significantly lower. Load times also bog down the PlayStation version, making an excellent arcade fighting game a PSX rental, at best. Hardcore fans should note it includes an art gallery and color edit mode which are really nice bonuses for SNK die-hards.

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