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Sales of bacon-flavored vodka sizzling

06:07 PM PDT on Sunday, May 24, 2009


SEATTLE - Call it breakfast in a booze bottle. Bacon-flavored vodka is the all the rage in Seattle and sales are sizzling. At about $30 a bottle it's selling like hotcakes … with a side of bacon-flavored vodka.

Video: Sales of bacon-flavored vodka sizzling
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“My first reaction was ewww,” says Brittney Levang, who sampled a bacon-bloody Mary at Von’s Roast House in downtown Seattle.  “But then I tried it. It’s pretty good.”

Seattle-based Black Rock Spirits cooked up the concept of Bakon Vodka. It’s inspiring bartenders across the city to concoct cocktails that reflect peoples’ passion for pork.

“There is a real fanatical following for bacon products and bacon in general. People love bacon,” says Black Rock Spirits sales director Stefan Schachtell.

Recipes include a bacon-bloody Mary, and a bacon-chocolate martini. (So, in case you’re wondering, bacon vodka apparently isn’t just for breakfast.)

Since the recent relaxation of liquor regulations in Washington, the state’s Liquor Control Board has approved licenses for five new distilleries over the past year, and up to13 more are brewing. Add those to the 17 already in Oregon and competition is getting fierce. The vodka market is overflowing with fruity infusions from watermelon to pomegranate. But Bakon Vodka appears to have cornered the meat market.

“I mean, who doesn't like bacon?” said one server at Von’s. “And vodka. It's a good mix. Why not?”

Bakon Vodka is available at about 15 liquor stores and 25 bars across Washington.


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