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Welcome! You've arrived at the home of the world-famous World's Smallest Political Quiz -- the ORIGINAL Internet political quiz. The Quiz has been taken over 12 million times online, and the Washington Post said, "The Quiz has gained respect as a valid measure of a person's political leanings." See how YOU score!

The Quiz in Action: Three Virginia Tech students take the World's Smallest Political Quiz at a booth hosted by the Libertarians at Virginia Tech. The outreach event was conducted in front of the library at the college campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. [Photo by the Libertarians at Virginia Tech.] Note: A full-color World's Smallest Political Quiz Diamond Chart poster and an Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) outreach booth kit are available for sale from the Advocates.

Clint Eastwood - libertarianDrew Carey - libertarianKurt Russell - libertarianWhat do these famous people have in common? They're all libertarians, along with many more celebrities and VIPs. You may be surprised at some of the people on our ever-expanding list.

Find our what a truly free society would look like by reading "The Invisible Hand Is a Gentle Hand," by Sharon Harris. Also available on CD to share with your non-libertarian friends.

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