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Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Third Edition

The multi-genre anime and manga game returns!

 • Featuring an expanded and streamlined version of the Tri-Stat System, offering enhanced character options without sacrificing ease of use.

 • Modular toolkits for races, occupations, and archetypes will make the game faster and easier for new players to explore, helping them turn their initial concepts into final character designs.

 • Previously published by Guardians of Order, Arthaus is pleased make this newest version of the popular RPG available to its dedicated fan base.

 • Order Big Eyes, Small Mouth Third Edition

BESM Resources

We are hosting some of the older BESM resources, including Character Sheets, Errata and Revisions, Excerpts and Extras. Watch for 3rd Edition character sheets coming soon.

We also host a Discussion Forum dedicated to Big Eyes, Small Mouth and a special BESM section in our Wiki Community.

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