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In 1989, Phil Harvey founded the nonprofit organization DKT International to promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing.

Today, DKT designs and implements social marketing programs in 14 countries around the world.  In 2008, DKT sold over a half-billion condoms, almost 60 million cycles of oral contraceptives, over 11 million three-month injectables, and over 600,000 IUDs.  

DKT's contraceptive social marketing programs have been a remarkable success. While the numbers are impressive, they mask an equally important aspect of social marketing: its profound effect on people's lives. The humanitarian impact of our social marketing programs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia has immediate and long term benefits for poor families.

Planned, healthy families have more food and clothing, and - perhaps most importantly - money for school supplies and education for the new generation of children growing up. Every year, DKT's innovative programs are saving more lives and improving the health of more families in many of the world's developing countries.

DKT’s sales generated about 17 million Couple Years of Protection (CYPs) at a cost of less than $2 per CYP (see below). This number is low not only because of our efficiency - headquarters cost as a percentage of the total budget is two percent - but also because our local program managers generate substantial revenues from the sales of contraceptives.

Rising incomes in Asia and Latin America and steady or declining prices of contraceptives have made it possible for DKT to substantially increase its revenue stream, which leads to lower donor costs per CYP. As DKT programs produce higher sales revenues, the number of CYPs generated by donor dollars also increases. In 2001, DKT programs generated 5.7 million CYPs. By 2011, DKT anticipates generating 25 million CYPs with the same amount of donor dollars.

What is Social Marketing and CYP?

Social marketing uses traditional marketing techniques and the infrastructure of the commercial sector to address social problems that require behavioral changes. Most of the world's health problems can be dramatically reduced by relatively straightforward behavioral changes, such as using condoms and other birth control devices in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.

DKT uses Couple Years of Protection (CYPs) to measure program success. A CYP is the supply of contraceptives or the provision of a contraceptive service to protect one couple from pregnancy for one year. The sale of one hundred condoms, fourteen cycles of birth control pills, or the provision of four quarterly injections are all considered the equivalent of one CYP.

Reaching the Poor

In every country, DKT's family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention programs price at least one brand of every family planning method within traditional affordability guidelines.

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