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Alice in the Swimming Pond

Spicy Horse internal headcount broke the 50 mark a few weeks back. As we approach 60 we’re looking for three very special people to fill three very special roles at the studio. These openings are at our Shanghai-based studio - so being hired means living/working in China. Read on if you’re an experienced game artist, like the idea of working in Shanghai, and want to be involved with some of our cool projects (like Alice 2).

Interested parties should drop a line: jobs (@) spicyhorse (dot) com
You can see all our current openings on the Spicy Horse website.

Here are the job descriptions:

Your job is to direct and manage the creation of next-gen 3d art assets for our games. You must be experienced in modeling software and game engines, but also in leading a team and documenting procedures and specifications. You will interface with outsource partners and also communicate with producers and other departments. You will work with other art directors and art leads. Overall, your goal is to increase the technical and aesthetic quality of our in-game art, while also keeping our team and workflow as efficient as possible.
- Experience working with Unreal Engine 3 or similar
- Proficient in Max, Photoshop and Zbrush. Maya expertise is a plus.
- Experience working at or with an outsource vendor
- Ability to create new techniques and optimizations, and document them for other artists and art teams
- Good attention to detail
- Experience leading a team
- Good communication skills
- Must be either fluent in Mandarin with basic English skills, or fluent in English.

Your job is to manage both the internal art pipeline and the use of external art outsource partners. You should be an expert at keeping dozens of creative people organized, scheduled, and in communication. You must be able to improve the pipelines and adapt to problems, and have great attention to detail. You will work with producers, the Art Director and other creative leads and help make sure their visions and ideas are put into practice on schedule and at the expected quality. In particular, you will be the point of contact with multiple outsource partners, making sure their output meets our expectations.
- Must be experienced in people management and scheduling
- Experience at either a games developer or outsource studio required
- Must have initiative and a keen sense for organization
- Experience as a 3d artist is a big plus
- Must be fluent in Mandarin and have good English skills.

You are an experienced 3d artist. You are able to create high poly, low poly and texture work for both characters and props. You have a high attention to detail, but can you also work fast when required. You are interested in creating high quality work in a variety of art styles, and are able to learn new techniques.

- Proficient in Max, Photoshop and Zbrush. Maya expertise is a plus.
- Minimum 1 year experience in the games industry.
- Experience with Unreal Engine 3 or similar a big plus
- Creative and interested in new techniques and art styles
- Good team work and communication skills

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11 Responses to “Hiring - Three for Art”

  1. 0mri says:


    i can’t work just yet,
    Ken told me i’m not ready yet.

    but good luck.

  2. toomuchevil says:

    hi, american mcgee. i am NOT a big fan of
    yours. for I AM a disney fan. so your big
    boo-boo mistake is taken my heart.
    to name a few: snow white, alice, mulan,
    and pinnoccio have been taken hostage by
    you. AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO BE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!! and plllleeease for Walt Disney’s sake and mine, set them free.

    Thank you.

    toomuchevil (hence my username, EVIL)

  3. Bloodberry says:

    i love your Alice soooooo much that i have been searching for all the things about this game and you all these days after i ended the game…this game is so amazing!!!!

    Expect for your new work, especially the Alice II!!!

  4. Gryffon says:

    Hello, im spanish, and I want to request a wish, please.

    Recently, I download from Internet American Mcgee Alice, I love the game, and I want to know all the history.
    I want to read the Alices diary in the manual instruction, but my game is download of Internet (so it havent the manual and the diary),
    where can I find this diary?

    Very Thanks

  5. American says:

    you stole the game from the internet. and now you’re asking me where to find the manual?
    haha. that’s truly… retarded.
    but seriously, you can easily find the casebook and manual if you just search. use google.
    it works!

  6. American says:

    hi. glad to hear you AREN’T a fan. we don’t get enough of those around here!
    as for your complaint… you named a long list of stories and characters… NONE of them created by disney.
    in fact, what i’m “doing” to these tales is closer to the original stories (in most cases) than anything ever created by disney.
    you like disney’s interpretation of these stories. to each his own.

  7. Kim says:

    Hi there,
    I recently received this comment on threadless regarding my latest submissions there, and although I’m not sure what ‘Frikinawesome’ is getting at, I figure what the hell…and decided to contact you.

    FRICKINAWESOME on May 26 ‘09 I really don’t think of Hansel and Gretel when i see two children in the middle of a city scene….i honestly think you’re on to something in the concept and style of this re-telling of the classic fairy tale….you should contact American McGee and try to become the lead conceptual artist for a modern Hansel and Gretel game!

    The link to one of the desins is:

    from there you should be able to see the others, although there is one still pending approval in the Hansel & Gretel, ‘lost children’ series. The images are taken from lithography stones I was working on for a series as part of my BFA


  8. topcat says:

    I remember seeing this game on the shelf at staples when I was a kid.

    I always wanted to buy it, but I never did (back then I couldn’t even run it). Only recently I just flat out bought the first copy I saw on pure impulse, remembering that old desire, and I have to say it’s the most imaginative and enjoyable games I’ve ever had the chance to play.

    However, every game you’ve made I’ve since played (excepting Alice, and Grimm) was explicitly terrible. (no offense.)

    Realty is brutally cruel, and most old fairly tales are an artistic, encrypted, and further obfuscated play on the fact. To each his own, indeed, or it was off with ones head (back then anyway).

    I don’t know what exactly you’re embarking on (be it a remake or Alice 2). I’m really looking forward to seeing what your art department, script writers, programmers, and especially you, decide to do. The bar may be set pretty high, but you don’t need to aim directly at it to keep (most of us) happy. What I tell you three times is true.

  9. American says:

    reality is some of those “terrible” games weren’t things i “made”. but i get blamed for them anyway. cruel happens.

    we’re making a sequel.

    three times, huh?

  10. American says:

    what is that “model”? yikes.

    anyway, the image is cool. but no matter how much i might like it, i cannot *touch* hansel and gretel. EA banned me from it ages ago, claiming i’d thought of some ideas for it while i was their employee. i don’t remember such. but i’m not one to fight with giants. especially when they’re paying the bills.

  11. topcat says:

    Ah! I see now. The “American Mcgee Presents xxx” was misleading. That really must have sucked. Anyway, “What I tell you three times is true” was a quote from one of Lewis Carroll’s books, I have no idea which, It just rhymes and popped into my to mind. I’ve been up way too long if you were awake to answer me.

    Best regards, and I can’t wait for more updates (especially in the jobs section). At this point being in America is getting really repetitive in the games department for some time now. Good luck!

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