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Ecology Of Pushkar Valley

The ecology of Pushkar valley depends largely on the climatic conditions and the terrain of the desert town of Pushkar. Located on the eastern edge of the Thar desert in Rajasthan, Pushkar consists of desert vegetation. Flora and fauna is limited to desert plants like cactus and thorny bushes and desert animals like camels, cattle etc. Pushkar, as a matter of fact is the venue for one of the biggest and most colorful cattle fair in India.

Climate of Pushkar is an important deciding factor of the ecology of Pushkar valley. The town experiences desert climate characterized with climatic variations. Summers are very hot with the temperature rising to high degrees during the days. But the nights are cold, a typical feature of an extreme climate. Rainfall is very less even during the rainy season. The winters are cool with the temperature fixed at around 10 degrees.

Pushkar ecology revolves around such climatic conditions and due to the inadequacy of good quality water and fertile soil the natural vegetation comprises desert plants and bushes. A major aspect of the ecology in Pushkar is the camel which has multi-purpose uses. Flora and fauna in Pushkar is found mostly in and around the region of Pushkar lake. The Pushkar lake serves as an oasis in the barren desert lands of Pushkar.

The ecology of Pushkar is currently facing danger from the growth of tourism in the town. Tourism activities has led to the degradation of the environment of Pushkar valley. The habits of the urban dwellers are costing Pushkar the ruination of its environment and ecology.
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