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MARC4 4-Bit Architecture

The microcontroller family MARC4 has a RISC core running 2 clock cycle instructions (0.5 µs at 4 MHz). In active mode, the current consumption is still below 1 mA.

This unique combination of high data throughput and low current consumption makes the MARC4 family the perfect fit for wireless applications such as remote keyless entry, immobilizer systems, wireless keyboards for PC and multimedia, wireless sensors and any other data control applications using IR and RF.

Special peripherals for these applications (e.g. high performance oscillators, POR, watchdog, low-bat, serial parts, multifunction timer /counters, high-current parts & flexible I/O structures with key interrupt functions and EEPROM modules) are fully integrated. This enables very small and cost-efficient system solutions for wireless control applications.

The MARC4 instruction set is optimized for the high level programming language qFORTH.