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Last Updated: Friday, 12 May 2006, 16:31 GMT 17:31 UK
Photo competition winners
Two weeks ago we ran a competition to see which of you could best clean an image taken by Dan Simmons.

We were deluged with more than 2,000 brilliant entries from around the world, but the winner for the straight clean up was Arjun Karthikeyan from Chennai, India, whose photo looked like this.

We also received a whole load of artistic entries, doing all sorts of weird things with the picture. We decided the best of them was this entry from David Clews in Lancashire, UK, because we liked the cheek of having the ambulance leave tyre tracks on the White House lawn.

Finally, we also took delivery of this animated image which was so odd and fun that we gave it a special extra prize for best animated version. It came from Cyriak Harris in Brighton, UK.

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