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Master Shortie Interview

The young British rapper has a massive range of influences and is in our Spanking New for 09 list

17:28, Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Master Shortie is one of our big tips of the year ahead thanks to his kaleidoscopic brand of indie-hip hop.

If the 19 year old fulfils his potential he could be the UKs answer to Lupe Fiasco or even Kanye West. We talked to the youngster about his tips for 09, influences and why his album is called ADHAD

MTV: What are your audience generally like at your shows?

MS: When it comes to gigs my audience are usually lively. It also depends on where and when it is. I feel more outside London it's more crazy and becomes more younger but in London theyre a bit more mature and laidback.

How does it feel to be figuring on all these tips for 2009 lists?

When it comes to all the pressure and hype surrounding my name in 2009- it can't be anything but a good thing because it pushes me. Now theres high expectations and I have to match up to them which makes me work twice as hard so I dont fall short of peoples opinions.

What about other artists that are on those lists- Are there artists you're tipping for 2009?

The artists Im tipping for 2009 " some of them are on the lists some of them arent. Girls Frequency have been supporting me- I dont know if they are on any lists that Ive been on but they should be.

Im really into Passion Pit and I know theyre on a couple of lists as well- I think theyre amazing. Also, Kid Cudi, White Lies and VV Brown!

Who influences your music? Are you in to UK rappers or US rappers or have you got broader influences?

At the moment, people that influence me most are singers. I dont know, people just that are hard working and who keep coming with material, like Tracy Chapman and my idol - Prince.

Rapper wise " I love Andre 3000, Outkast, a lot of backpack rappers like The Roots- who I supported recently, and from the UK I like Roots Manuva.

Tell us who you have worked with on the album?

There are no guests on the album, just myself. Actually there is one rapper, on one of the tracks, I dont know if it is going to go on the album yet, but that is Case.

Also just my producer Labyrinth. Hes the best producer in the world! He can play any instrument you give him even if hes never heard of it before he can play it. Hes a genius.

Have you got a name for the album yet and when should we expect it?

The name of the album is ADHD which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- because my music is just so crazy and its so all over the place and it craves attention. And it should be out in April.

Tell us a bit about the single Dead End?

It was basically an end of year thing cause Ive been working hard on my album and I just wanted to be able to perform and give a little taste of whats to come in 2009.

Finally, what are your goals and ambitions for 2009?

My ambition and goal for 2009 is to do the festivals next year- I wanna perform as much as I can, just get my name out there and cement it in concrete that I am an artist and I wanna make a career out of music!

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