I never imagined I would be getting a WII, but my awesome friends bought me one this Christmas, along with 428 ~Fuusasareta Shibuya de~ (At the Sealed Shibuya)!! It’s a live action visual novel game that surprisingly received a perfect score on Famitsu’s review…

…and features a bonus scenario by the TYPE-MOON staffs!

The game was great! Way beyond my expectation. O_o
Well organized storyline with stunning plottwists, strong characters that each of them deserves a series of their own, synched camera works and effects along with good music… The fact that it was live-action didn’t make it cheesy one bit, but made it even better.

The Type-Moon bonus scenario, which comes at the very end, was a pleasure to read. I’ll even say that if you are a Type-Moon fan, or love visual novels, it’s worth getting a Japanese WII. The 20 hours spent on it was just pricesless.

Here’s an introduction of the characters and their story. (Translated/arranged from the official website)

Endou Achi
An ex-leader of “KOK”, an influential group of Shibuya consisting of young guys. After leaving the group, he just spend his days walking arounds picking up trash in the streets. One day while doing that, he meets a girl called Hitomi, and he ends up protecting her from a man carrying a gun.

A guy who is always thinking about the peace and beauty of Shibuya. His dad runs an individual electronic store, and has a sick younger sister who’s hospitalized.

Kanou Shinya
A cop serving at the Shibuya office. In order to capture a kidnapper, he was working undercover in front of the station. The criminal finally appears at 10am and runs off with the ransom money. Ignoring his boss’s order, he chases after the kidnapper, but he and his team is kept on being tricked by their enemy’s clever tactics.

Although the reason Shinya became a cop was to impress his girl friend’s father who was an ex-cop, he’s wholeheartedly devoted to his job after meeting an admireable senior cop. He even take notes of his teaching and always refer back to it during his mission. The most famous one: “Never lose track of the thing you are trying to protect”

Oosawa Kenji
The chairman of the Ookoshi pharmaceutical research lab, one of the biggest company in Japan in its field. Although he’s a strictly work-minded person, probably due to being a researcher for a long time, he’s very poor at dealing with other people. One week after coming home from a business trip to the United States, he receives an email of an unknown origin. The contents of the email revealed that a new drug that was under development had been experimented on humans without his notice.

Father of Oosawa Maria, the victim of kidnapping. Although he’s quite worried about her, he hides his emotions in front of his wife and the cops helping the rescure mission at his home, and continues to work on his job along with his assistant.

Minorikawa Minoru
A passionate freelance writer who has an terrible attitude towards others, but carries a strong belief in how he does his job. When he heard that his ex-manager was about to kill himself after making a huge debt with his publishing company, he stood up to help him. His mission was to securely publish the next issue of their magazine. But in order to do that, he had to complete all the articles by himself, in one day. Carrying his laptop, Minoru runs across Shibuya to complete all the interviews required for the articles.

A part timer wearing a cat costume. In order to purchase something she saw at a recycle shop, she took on this job to pass out a free sample of the diet drink, “Burning Hammer” in the street. The 2nd half of her job, the time for the spot sale session was approaching, but the fastner of the costume broke and she’s stuck inside!

The little sister of Maria, who was the victim of the kidnapping. She brought the ransom money in exchange for her sister in front of the Hachikou statue, but the criminals just took the case with the money and ordered her to look for a blue van. However, a man with a gun suddenly tried to shoot her, and she escaped the scene with Achi.

A quite timid girl who feels inferior to her sister, but still wants to save her.

Yanagishita Jyunichi
The 35 year old president of the Big Japan Healthy company, and the person who hired Tama. He buys fishy foreign health products and tries to sell it for high price, and fails miserably. He paid about 3000yen for each bottle of the Burning Hammer, which is sold for 100yen at the Recycle shop. Now he’s trying to sell that for 15,000yen.

Mysterious Girl
A mysterious foreigner. She was able to kill a dozen armed men with just a knife.


The game progresses as if you’re playing 5 visual novels at once. However, the choices you make in each of the stories not only changes the outcome of their own stories, it also affects the others as well. For example, just finishing a task quickly, or meeting someone, can prevent a misfortune in a completely different route. Of course if you make a foolish choice of your own, you can get a bad end as well.

For the above reason, you have to pause at a certain point in each character’s story, read more of the other characters, then come back. If you made the wrong choice in one of the characters, you have to go back and fix it by traveling back in time on the time chart. There’s a hint to prevent each bad ends, so it’s not that hard to get the hang of it and figure things out. On the other hand, it’s quite difficult to complete the bad end list; There are some comical ones as well.


Now a summary of the storyline!

We find out the kidnappers are ultimately after the drug that Oosawa invented, the anti-virus for the UA Virus. If a person is infected by this virus, he or she will bleed all over the body and die 100 percent if the symptoms develop. On top of that, it will infect through the air from a person who’s deeply developed. Since a certain country is secretly using it as a biochemical weapon, there’s a tremendous black market price on the anti-virus.

But why did they ask for money instead? It’s because Hitomi actually has the anti-virus in her body. Because Hitomi was somehow infected by the virus, Oosawa secretly experimented the anti-virus, which was heavily monitored by his company, on her. But why didn’t they kidnap Hitomi first? Because Maria, who’s tomboy’ish compared to her twin sister but looks exactly alike, sacrificed herself to save Hitomi.

Without knowing that, Hitomi and Achi wanders about Shibuya escaping from the criminals and the man who’s trying to shoot her. When they were in a tight situation, they are saved by a mysterious foreign girl. She said her name is Canaan and she was a friend of Maria that she met when Maria visited the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Tama finally finishes her job and purchases the pendant that she wanted. She didn’t have any memory about herself since this morning, but she somehow knew that she needed the pendant at the recycle shop. (Which the store manager actually found on the street and was selling it for 40,000yen) At that time, the player finds out that Tama was Maria who escaped from the kidnappers. (I actually figured it out back when Tama was fighting cockroaches in the storage room XD )

On the other hand, Kanou Shinya gets a new partner on the way. A CIA agent called Jack. Jack looked down at him at first, but they start getting along after learning that they are both passionately doing their job out of their own belief. However, a shocking incident breaks apart Shinya’s belief. The senior cop that he admired, Tateno Kyozou, was actually the man who was trying to shoot Hitomi and interfered with his team in several occasions.

Tateno finally captures Maria, and calls Shinya to bring Hitomi to him. When Shinya confronts Tateno by himself, he asks him why he’s doing this, but he doesn’t answer and tells him that he was always a poor cop instead. Shinya was about to shoot Tateno, and Tateno was about to shoot Maria, but someone knocks Tateno unconscious and saves Maria. It was Canaan.

Maria runs off to look for Hitomi, but Shinya talks to Canaan trying to organize what’s going on. Either way, they conclude that they should secure Maria first and runs after her. It was actually Canaan who gave Maria the pendant, but it was lost when she was kidnapped. The pendant had a transmitter inside and they easily locate her, at the store of Endou Achi’s father.

At the same time, Achi, Hitomi, and Jack all assembled at the monitor room of the store. Achi’s father was actually an old friend of Tateno, and he was helping him with the web camera planted throughout the city of Shibuya. His reason for doing this was for Achi’s sister with a heart disease. They needed to transplant a heart to her very quickly or she would die. But her blood type was rare, and Hitomi was the only one who had that. Tateno was responsible for her mother’s death in one of his mission, and felt guilty all his life. He thought this was the only way he could have made up for his sin, but he realized his mistake.

But the real culprit was the guy who told him about Hitomi’s blood type to Achi’s father. And the name of this international criminal was called Alfard. No one knows his/her gender, age, nor appearance, but he/she was always behind serious cases around the globe. His/Her plan was perfectly set up, but made loose ends so noone could trace it down. The reason he/she used an amateur like Achi’s father and kidnappers consisting of an ordinary criminal group in Shibuya are some example. But of course, Alfard’s ultimate goal was Hitomi, who has the anti-virus sample within her.

At this moment, Maria falls unconscious. Their enemy injected the UA virus in her while she was kidnapped. The team finally receives a message from Alfard through the monitors in the room. Alfard wants Hitomi to come to the Shibuya station crossroad, just like this morning, in exchange for one of the password of the research laboratory which contains the injectible version of Anti-virus to save her. (Oosawa’s assistant was actually on Alfard’s side, so they have one of the two password required for the lab, but he was double crossed and murdered in the exploding van)

So the team splits up. Tateno who joined up drives Canaan and Maria to the research lab to meet up with Oosawa. Achi and his old group mates, Shinya, and Hitomi goes to Shibuya station to see Alfard. Meanwhile Jack had a hunch and decides to act by himself.

When Hitomi and the others were waiting at the crossroad near the station, a foreigner with a suitcase walks up to her. It was Hitomi’s college professor who was actually Alfard. When Shinya, Achi, and his friends surround him, he takes out a case of sealed test tubes and tosses it in the air. (And from this momement, the most difficult part of the game begins where every wrong move you make blows up the Shibuya)

The right choices you needed to make was to have Shinya run after Alfard, and have Achi and his friend catch the test tubes in midair. And on top of that, Jack had to call Tateno after figuring out something. The foreigner girl who was with them wasn’t Canaan… but the real Alfard. She was decieving them all along. Even to Maria, she told her that she was Canaan’s friend who came to help her. (The reason the 428 anime itself is a spoiler; Because in that, Canaan is the blond girl. Alfard is the dark haired girl who rather looks like this girl)

Alfard wanted to go inside the lab so she can securely blow up the rest of the anti-virus and kill Oosawa. So now Tateno had to keep Alfard busy without entering the lab, until Jack joined him. Meanwhile Shinya and Achi did everything they could to stop the bomb inside the fake Alfard’s suitcase.

Finally, the epilogue takes place when Maria awakens after getting the anti-virus injected by her father. After realizing what’s going on, she walks outside to see Alfard, even though her body felt weak. Maria asks Alfard what happened to Canaan, but Alfard just grins at her. Alfard finally gives up and tosses her gun on the ground. Maria picks up the gun and tries to shoot Alfard crying, ” You killed Canaan, didn’t you?!” but she misses. Instead, Alfard takes out another gun and tries to shoot Maria but Oosawa gets hit in place of his daughter.

After disarming Alfard again, Jack’s superior, Gordon, takes her to custody. While Oosawa is dying in the ambulance, Gordon tosses the key to her handcuffs in their car. Alfard was annoyed that she was only able to accomplish half of her goal. Kill Oosawa and get a sample of Hitomi’s blood. When Gordon was suprised when she had such time, she told him it was when she saved Hitomi from the van explosion. Their car headed for the airport…



Now in order to view the good ending, you had to make the right choices for everyone’s route; Not to try to kill Alfard from hatred. When you do that, Maria wouldn’t try to kill Alfard, and Oosawa wouldn’t die. Alfard would still escape with Gordon, but Maria receives a call from the real Canaan who just arrived at the airport. Then finally, Alfard encounters her at the airport….



There’s two bonus scenarios at the end of the game, but let’s get to the Type-Moon one featuring Canaan right away. The other one was just about Achi’s sister who’s life was saved by a sacrifice of a boy who was in the same hospital. It’s a nice story, but the Type-Moon one is literally at another world. It’s like we’re finally seeing the main characters of the whole 428 universe for the first time! In Anime style! Voiced!

The Canaan story takes place 4 years ago in the Middle East. It was even before Canaan met Maria, and she worked with another guy called Shamu. Canaan was the only survivor in her village that was killed by the UA virus. She was found by Shamu, an experienced mercenary who was fighting for over 30 years of his life, and he just decided to raise her. Maybe he felt responsible for indirectly killing her family and villagers, while Canaan wanted to become strong to not die like her family and to survive in this cruel world.

Shamu taught her the very basic of how to fight with a gun. Attack from outside the enemy range, and never fight with multiple enemies at once. Maybe he was a good teacher, and she survived the past 4 years with him. (And this Shamu voiced by Ootsuka Akio feels like someone that would appear in a Metal Gear Solid game XD )

Their mission this time was to steal an enemy weapon hidden inside the train they were on. While Canaan was munching on her favorite snack, a solid sugar stick (She says the one made in Japan tastes the best), a new member joins the group at the midway point station. She called herself Sadaka (meaning charisty/frienship in Islamic) She was an old friend of Shamu, and that kind of made Canaan feel jealous.

Their goal was located in the train car guarded by 7 soldiers on each side. Canaan and Sadaka sneaks into this car from under, while Shamu waited at the original car as a back up. Sadaka’s profession was breaking locks, and she starts typing at the computer terminal next to the door. As she was explaining to Canaan that in today’s world, lock breaking should be done by the time you begin the mission through investigation; No one breaks a lock on the spot now a days, the computer rejects the password that Sadaka inputed. While she was in panic, Canaan picks up some codes from the computer screen and inputs it, unlocking the door.

This was part of Canaan’s ability that she was born with. The ability to pick up meaningful signals and human emotions by differences in color. She is able to sense the world in a different way than normal people. Her eyes can hearing things while her ears can look at things. Her 5 senses work in synch to get a better grasp of the world. It’s like a primitive trait that human beings lost in the path of evolution in one view, but something like a psychic sixth sense from another perspective. (Similar in concept with Ryogi Shiki in Kara no Kyoukai)

The weapon that was sealed inside the car was secured in a suitcase. It was the UA virus. When Canaan and Sadaka went out the sealed door, the alarm goes off. This leaves them no choice on the running train but to fight the soldiers. Canaan counters the 7 soldiers coming from the front while Sadaka and Shamu intercepts the ones behind from both sides.

If Shamu followed what he taught Canaan in the past, he would fall back and shoot from the back car, but he didn’t feel like that today. By zipping up his bullet proof chest, he breaks into the car in the front and takes out several soldiers immediately. Sadaka shot the last one from behind. Meanwhile, showing off her sensing ability, Canaan took out 7 soldiers in the front by herself. (Awesome part of the bonus scenario part 1)

But something wasn’t right. Shamu heard the ordinary people who escaped to the back car screaming. A guy who appeared from the back car tries to shoot him, and when Shamu countered, he was stabbed from behind by Sadaka. Sadaka told him that her mission was to erase all the witnesses and to produce more political chaos after this incident, but most importantly, to kill Shamu. They were old friends; He knew too much about her, and she thought that would be inconvinient later on. Shamu rated her that she’s a perfectionist, but because of that, she would never gain anything at the end.

Canaan jumps into the scene and knocks Sadaka’s gun off her hand. Sadaka prioritized escaping and left the car. She was going to catch a helicopter on the roof leaving the train to hit a bomb on the rail. Canaan makes a final conversation with Shamu, and they decide to do what they still can to save the survivors. Shamu will go to the broken frontal car to detach the other cars so they will eventually stop. Canaan will go after Sadaka.

While Shamu went to accomplish his last mission of his life, Canaan faced Sadaka on top of the train. Canaan couldn’t use her gun from afar because there was a danger of hitting the suitcase, while Sadaka was 100% sure she can kill Canaan if she ran towards her. When the train was deattached, Canaan made her move. Sadaka shot her 5 times, but they all missed. Canaan read Sadaka’s emotions and knew where she was aiming. Normally Sadaka wouldn’t be so emotional, but she was personally interested in the girl that Shamu raised. Canaan deflects the last bullet with her left hand revealing the snake tatoo that she just got, and knocks the suitcase out of Sadaka’s hand. In the last moment, Canaan asks Sadaka her real name. “Alfard” Canaan jumps off the train, and they both shoot at each other, but they both miss because Canaan had to protect the case while Alfard was quite emotional. (Awesome part of the bonus scenario part 2: So beautiful…)

Sadaka leaves with the helicopter without finishing her off. The scene jumps to the present time. The plane that Canaan took finally arrives at Japan. She heard about what happened through Maria. Instead of getting on the vehicle that was assigned to her, she heads inside the airport….


My thoughts after the game…

The whole 428 game was a set up for Type-Moon and the upcoming anime, lol. Before playing 428, I rather wanted them to concentrate on their upcoming game, but now I want to see Canaan the animation so badly (TwT) I’m guessing it starts right after the ending of 428 too…

Lastly, Alfard voiced acted by Sakamoto Maaya, who plays Ryogi Shiki in Kara no Kyoukai KICKS ASS.

Couldn’t find a place to put this: The significance of the snake tatoo. For Canaan, it was the first selfish desire that she asked Shamu; She wanted a cool tatoo like that. Alfard has one too, and Alfard means Hydra’s heart. Therefore, they both unconsciously want that all to themselves and are fated to kill each other…