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About Bogaard Arena

Bogaard Arena is a place where Lindsay Uittenbogaard shares her thinking on Organisational Communication issues. Lindsay is passionate about the power of communication as a tool and about how much opportunity there is to make a difference. Some of her previous projects have been:

  • Communication Learning for IT Project Managers and Architects - design and delivery of awareness-level communication programme.
  • Shaper of understanding and internal processes around communication in 400-strong IT delivery organisation - 2007
  • Change and Communication Management on a Global IT License Compliancy Program - 2006
  • Communication Audit for a global HR Department - 2006
  • Speaker on ‘Why we find simple communication practices so difficult’ - 2006
  • Communication Design and Delivery to change the perception and support the development of a global Logistics resource - 2005 and 2006
  • Communication Delivery for a global IT system roll-out - 2005 and 2006
  • Design and Delivery of Communication Learning for a team of Logistics Managers - 2005
  • Communication Strategy Development for a global Technical and Operational Excellence team - 2005
  • Change and Communication Management on project to convert global organization to International Financial Reporting Standards - 2004

Lindsay Uittenbogaard Background

Lindsay BogaardLindsay Uittenbogaard is an experienced organisational communications practitioner, lecturer and writer. With a background in Business Management, she began working in the field of Organisational Communication in 1999.   She is President Elect for the Dutch branch of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). Her professional activities have led her to co-ordinate a Dialogue Forum in conjunction with the Philosophy of Communication section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). Lindsay has also written, produced and presented a video for MyRagan on-line forum for professional communicators which has remained at the No. 1 spot IABC logoin the 'Top Rated' section since August 2007 (see video here). Lindsay has Honours Degree in Creative Arts, and holds post-graduate qualifications in Broadcast Journalism and Communication Management.

Here's how she began her career

After graduation, Lindsay worked as breakfast and drivetime reader on Wear FM Radio when it won Sony Radio Station of the Year. She then pursued a long-held business idea, setting up a business matching passengers with drivers on long distance journeys for student and back-packer markets.Freewheelers Car Sharing Scheme The company, ‘Freewheelers Ltd.’ generated ongoing publicity, blue-chip sponsors and 17,000 members. She was awarded a finalist place in the 1998 Cosmopolitan Women of Achievement Awards for this work.

In 1996, Lindsay was offered a one-year position of Marketing Manager to build and launch a similar car-sharing scheme in Sydney. Completing that promise on time and to budget, she then returned to her family hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland where she worked in Business Development for a video production company. As part of her work there Lindsay created a show-reel, which won a Gold Award at the 1998 International Film and Video Festival.

Lindsay was then recruited to VisCom: an eight-man Multimedia and Video Production Company based in Aberdeen. Within six months she was promoted to General Manager and within eighteen months she had led the company to diversify and increase profits.

In 2001, Lindsay switched from micro to macro business environments and worked with Shell International for four years in London and The Hague providing organisational change and communication support to the global knowledge-sharing team in Exploration and Production; the Shell Open University; and Shell’s Global Learning Organisation. Since then, the company has worked with Logistics, HR, Learning, IT and Technical Projects in various Shell companies and with other organisations.

Married with two daughters, Lindsay enjoys family fun, catching up with friends, networking and writing.See artworks here.


Lindsay has worked with me on several projects. She has always delivered beyond expectations, bringing valuable insights and initiatives beyond the original scope. She is skilled at adding new value with innovative ideas and outputs.
Paul Wood C. Eng, Previous Learning and Performance Consultant for a Major Energy Company

In an effort to improve communication within our Logistics Team, Lindsay was appointed to deliver a communication workshop to our Logistics team leaders in Muscat. She worked closely with our Change Manager to do this and they took a swift and flexible approach. The result was effective, inspiring and fit for purpose. Funny how clear communications impacts a team. Many thanks Lindsay.
Warith Kharusi, Logistics Manager with Petroleum Development Oman LLC

Lindsay is a fantastic addition to any team that needs to shape up its communication, on several levels. She can encourage people to think differently and behave more efficiently as communicators, she can work to raise the profile and perception of teams with their wider stakeholders, and she can deliver tools and resources to increase the impact of communication. I've enjoyed working with Lindsay's skills, energy, commitment and insights and wish her more future successes.
Herman Lammerts van Bueren, Global Logistics Manager with a Major Energy Company

Lindsay understands communication, its pitfalls and its powers and she understands organisations. I have experienced her tremendous ability to pass that understanding on to others and help them and their organisations to communicate better. Excellence in communication is the often the key to great things. Lindsay holds that key.
Johan Siebers, Research Fellow, Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London

I commissioned Lindsay to support the communication and knowledge sharing aspect of a global change project around the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in 2004. Lindsay is bright, highly organised and very good at learning while working, grasping evolving realities and adapting to them. A real asset.
Gautam Sashittal, previous Finance Manager of a Major Energy Company

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