Ultra Small, Hybrid Worldwide Terrestrial
TV Receiver

The XC4000 is a single-chip hybrid analog AND digital TV tuner combining both tuning and
analog demodulation functions in one small package. It’s the logical upgrade for PC and TV
applications requiring an economical solution to adding superior performance anywhere lowpower and high sensitivity is required.

The XC4000 supports all analog and digital TV formats worldwide in the 42-864MHz band
broadcast channels. On-board, high performance, integrated SAW filters, DSP controller and
Video and Sound IF significantly reduce the BOM. Plus, Xceive’s breakthrough patent-pending
technology provides a powerful combination of high dynamic range with a large tunable range
that enables superior pictures.


World’s smallest Hybrid TV tuner:
• Fully integrated RF-to-Baseband
• No metal shield required
• Alignment-free
• No external tunable parts

Built-in VIF/SIF circuit

Supports all analog TV standards:
• CVBS, SIF or mono-sound output
• Works well for non-standard signals, including overmodulation

Supports all digital TV standards:

Quick tuning supports ChannelVista
Easily monitors signal performance
IIC bus controlled
Ultra small 48-pin QFN package, Leadfree


Technical Documentation & Tools

XC4000 Product Brief

Xceive Evaluation Platform

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