Honda S2000 Dash Interface Details

Although Alpine produce an interface (KCE 865B) for the S that complements their head units, some owners have experienced problems with its operation. Furthermore, this interface only operates with Alpine HUs.

There is an alternative ...

For those of you wanting to fit other makes of head unit (JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Panasonic, Blaupunkt, Sony etc.), or who want a more reliable interface for your Alpine units, there is a company that can supply S2000-ready interfaces for a variety of head units. In my case, I wanted to fit a Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB54 head unit as this gave me an integrated DAB tuner and MP3 playback from SD/MMC cards.

On the advice of the Blaupunkt Technical Manager (himself an S owner), I contacted Stuart Wreford at the company below. Whilst my original interface cost me £96, and subsequent units were supplied for around £70, the last owner to get one only paid £49. When I complained, Stuart kindly sent me a cheque for £50, so he seems a decent enough bloke.

Countdown Enterprises Ltd
17 Hill Farm Road
Chalfont St Peter

(Contact: Stuart Wreford -- Email:

My interface has performed faultlessly since it was installed. The CH button changes radio stations, but also acts as the track skip button in both SD/MMC and CD MP3 modes. The MUTE button mutes the radio, but acts as a pause button for CD and SD/MMC playback. Volume control works conventionally as does the Mode button..

I believe Countdown obtain their dongles (the component that is head unit specific) from InCarTec, to which they then add the S2000 wiring harness, so it may be worth contacting InCarTec direct. DVBCarAudio may also supply the necessary kit. However, the finished product from Countdown is "ready to go" and can be simply connected. Below is a picture of my interface before it was installed.