Pictures from Bonskeid

The Argument and Computational Linguistics group without a care in the world (yet).

Floriana, Leo, Michael, Janne Maaike, Corin

Hard at work in the lounge.

John, Dory, David, Jim

Deep in thought.

Trevor and Henry

Concentrating or snoozing?


Heading up Ben Vrackie (almost as easy as organising a symposium...)

Chris, Tim, Doug, Janne Maaike, Corin

"All the way up there?"

Doug, Corin, Janne Maaike, Erik

Pausing at the lochan before heading up the last and steepest part.

Chris, Jim, Jim, Doug, Corin, Janne Maaike

Triumphant at 2,759 feet

Tim, Jim, Corin, Janne Maaike, Leo, Henry, Bart
Jim, David, Doug, Erik, Hanns, Simon, Chris

And coming back down again...

Jim, Jim and Corin

Then food. At the Moulin.

On the left: Floriana, Peter, David, Jim, Trevor (then, hiding, Michael, Simone, Chris and Dory)
On the right: Janne Maaike, Bart, Erik, Rod, John, Corin, Jim (then, hiding, Hanns, Henry and Tim) and Doug at the end.

Everyone on the steps of Bonskeid House.

In front: Tim, Floriana, Peter, Trevor, Chris
behind them: Jim Crosswhite, Michael, Jim Freeman, Dory, David, Daniela, Janne Maaike, Bart
at the back: Rod, Doug, Henry, John, Simone, Corin, Hanns, Erik, Leo