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    The Editors - At Last!

Red Pages chatted with singer Tom Smith during their latest video shot...

After playing to a packed Portland Arms in January, then cancelling their March date in Cambridge, The Editors return to play what they hope will be another sell-out gig in our fair city. The masters of commercial darkness have developed a healthy following in Cambridge, so they’re as pleased about playing here as we are.

Singer Tom Smith ran away from some gymnasts during the band’s latest music video shoot to talk to Red Pages. “So far we haven’t done anything,” huffs Tom, “but there’s a trampoline downstairs and these gymnasts are doing stuff.” The music video is for the band’s latest single, Head for Munich, which the guys were whisked off to do in an aircraft hanger between recording tracks for their debut album.

Producing their album is Jim Abbiss, who has worked with a broad range of acts, from Kasabian, to UNKLE, to DJ Shadow. So, Jim and the band have been tucked away somewhere in Lincolnshire recording some tunes.

“There’s two houses and a pub and that’s about it,” explains Tom, who sees the music video production as a welcome break from the “intense” remoteness of the recording studio.

The band had to cancel their original Cambridge date so that they could take part in an MTV production, introducing five new bands and documenting their progression into the music industry. Such an opportunity is not to be sneezed at, so the band was left with no option other than rescheduling the Cambridge date. Once this tour is over, the guys will be planning their next one, which will include some outdoor festival dates. “Nothing is confirmed yet,” explains Tom, “but hopefully we’ll get to play Glastonbury and Reading.”

Tom is looking forward to playing in Cambridge once more: “When we toured the last time, Cambridge was one of the best nights of the lot.” He continues: “It was rammed, it was really good, and it was really hot.” This time around, more people will get to see the band play due to the larger capacity of the venue, the APU Academy.

Although The Editors often get compared to the early sounds of Joy Division, their major influences are actually REM and Elbow, and, more recently, Bloc Party. In fact, the band had to seek out Joy division records to see why the comparisons were being made. Tom can see similarities: “The intensity comes across, and there’s definitely an element of darkened moodiness that we share.” Tom, who finds dark music easier to swallow than pop music, is happy that more of it is entering the charts at the moment. “I really like the idea of having pop songs but with dark music in them, kind of like The Cure did.”

So, can we expect pop songs from Editors? Tom chuckles: “Not pop in the strictest sense of the word,” before thinking about it some more. He then coins a phrase with some help from Sophie Ellis-Bextor: “We’re Misery on the Dance Floor…that’s what we do.”

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