Mike KnoxStats
Height: 6 foot 6
Weight: 293 pounds
From: Phoenix
Signature Move: Spinning Reverse STO
Entrance Video: WATCH

Mike Knox is one of WWE's most vicious Superstars and his vicious streak has left none safe - not even his former girlfriend, Kelly Kelly. Months ago, Knox grew angry with the blond bombshell when she publicly proclaimed her admiration for ECW Superstar CM Punk. Knox stunned fans when he attacked Kelly with a spinning reverse STO, violently ending their relationship.

Knox is just as dangerous inside the ring as well. Since his first day in ECW, Knox has been relentless and collected a number of victories over the Land of the Extreme's toughest competitors. In 2009, Knox found himself drafted to the Friday nights, where he looks to bring the SmackDown Superstars his hard-hitting fighting style.