1789 - The very beginning

Dr Pierre Ordinaire, prescribes his special reviving “absinthe elixir” in Switzerland.

1797 - The mass production of absinthe gets under way…

The formula is bought by Major Dubied who sets up an absinthe factory in Couvet, Switzerland with son-in-law, Henri-Louis Pernod.

1805 - The legendary company, Pernod, is born

Pernod Fils company is created in Pontarlier, France, by Henri-Louis Pernod.

1871 - Business is booming and orders soar.

Production increases. Another factory opens. The Hémard distillery is set-up in Montreuil-sous-Bois by Ariste Hémard.

1872 - The Pernod Père et Fils Company is formed in Avignon by Jules-François Pernod.

1915 - The end of an Era

A ministerial decree is passed banning absinthe. Pernod Fils is forced to close its doors.

1920 - The rebirth

Anise liquors are legalised once more, albeit in a more sober form – a new aniseed drink «sans absinthe».

1926 - An expanded empire.

The three companies join forces. The production centres of Pontarlier, Avignon, and Montreuil, join under the name «Maison Hémard, Pernod Père et Fils et Pernod Fils Réunis». In 1928, the company is renamed «Etablissements Pernod».

1959 - Short and sweet, the name Pernod is adopted.

A global brand takes hold.

1974 - A strengthened base…

Pernod combines two factories and its headquarters in Créteil, near Paris.

1975 - Pernod and Ricard join forces.

Pernod President Jean Hémard and Paul Ricard create the Pernod Ricard Group. The name Pernod lives on, and Pernod is known and enjoyed the world over.

2000/2001 - New beginning for a new Millenium

A new and more contemporary bottle is designed and launched worldwide in 2001