Paul Blangé

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Paul Blangé was the Executive Chef at Brennan's Restaurant at 417 Royal Street in New Orleans starting in 1946. He worked for Owen Edward Brennan Sr.

He was originally from the Netherlands; his full Dutch name was Paulus Lodivicus Blangé.

He created Bananas Foster, Eggs Hussarde and Chicken Pontalba at Brennan's, and was a regular for years on the Midday programme on WDSU TV.

Chefs that trained under him include the two that were to succeed him at the restaurant:
  • Michael J. Roussel. Started as a busboy at Brennans in 1956. Became Executive Chef in 1974/75 until 2005 (died July 2005, aged 67);
  • Lazone Randolph. Started at Brennan's in 1965. Became head chef in 2005.

Blangé died in 1977. When he was buried, on his chest were placed a knife, fork and a menu from Brennan's restaurant. He has since been identified by "paranormal psychologists" as being one of the ghosts who haunts the restaurant now.

Blangé was married to Margaret Theresa Martin (died 1983.)

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