Hoth: Under the Ice
Planet Hoppers: December 2003

Welcome to "Planet Hoppers," where each month, we bring you a set of articles on a particular world in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game galaxy that a Gamemaster can use separately or as a linked series of events.

This month, we feature four tales of low-temperature survival on the treacherous ice world of Hoth. Be sure to check back each week for a new installment.

Part 1: Snowflake Base
In which smugglers make the fatal mistake of thinking they've found the perfect hideout.

Part 2: Steady, Girl
In which Alliance engineers arrive on Hoth and carve out the tunnels that will become Echo Base.

Part 3: Merchants of Death
In which a pirate captain encounters the last Rebel hero on Hoth.

Part 4: A Brief Thaw
In which Kyle Katarn and his apprentice investigate a Force disturbance at the deserted Echo base.

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