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Cydon Prax

An Expanded Universe Character

After Jango Fett died in the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku decided he needed a new right-hand man -- and found him in Cydon Prax, an armored, reptilian Chistori with a heart of ice. The soldier's imposing battle armor features an augmented shoulder-mounted blaster. Prax appears in the videogame Star Wars: The Clone Wars and in the Boba Fett book series from Scholastic, and he's this month's Expanded Universe feature!

With the death of Jango Fett at the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku was left without a right-hand man. Although Jango's son Boba, who had found his way to Dooku's lair, would one day grow into a fierce warrior in his own right, Dooku needed another strongman, and quickly. The Sith apprentice found that strongman in Cydon Prax, an armored, reptilian Chistori with a heart of ice. In addition to giving him other missions, Dooku charged Prax with keeping an eye on young Boba, though the cold-blooded warrior was a poor substitute for the young clone's lost father.

Cydon Prax's reptilian nature is not immediately apparent -- like Jango Fett, he usually wears imposing battle armor. Though Prax's armor is not Mandalorian in origin, it does boast an augmented shoulder-mounted blaster (the weapon has a +2 damage bonus, and Prax's Weapon Specialization feat adds another +2) and keeps his body temperature constant in any environment, negating Chistori cold-blooded penalties. Prax, a talented pilot, tangled with Anakin Skywalker during one of the first major engagements of the Clone Wars.

Cydon Prax: Male Chistori Soldier 7/Elite Trooper 7; Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Defense 23 (+10 class, +2 Dex, +1 natural); Spd 8 m; VP/WP 90/14; Atk +18/+13/+8 melee (1d3+4, punch) or +18/+13/+8 melee (2d6 +4, vibroblade), +16/+11/+6 ranged (3d8, heavy blaster pistol) or +17/+12/+7 ranged (3d8 +4, crit 19-20, shoulder-mounted blaster); SQ Cold-blooded, DR 5 (armor), uncanny dodge (Dex bonus, can't be flanked); SV Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +7; SZ M; FP 4; DSP 18; Rep +5; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8. Challenge Code E.

Equipment: Medium battle armor with shoulder-mounted blaster, encrypted comlink, heavy blaster pistol, vibroblaster, personal battle tank, personal starfighter.

Skills: Astrogate +4, Computer Use +4, Demolitions +4, Intimidate +16, Knowledge (streetwise) +8, Pilot +19, Profession (mercenary) +10, Read/Write Basic, Repair + 4, Speak Basic, Speak Chistori, Spot +13.

Feats: Armor Proficiencies (light, medium), Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (shoulder-mounted blaster), Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Skill Emphasis (Pilot), Skill Emphasis (Profession [mercenary]), Weapon Focus (shoulder-mounted blaster), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibroweapons), Weapon Specialization (shoulder-mounted blaster).

New Species: The Chistori

Little is known about the reptilian Chistori. They resemble bipedal lizards, with prominent snouts, mouthfuls of teeth, and beady eyes, and they have a fiercely independent warrior society. The Chistori are a secretive people, and even the Jedi Archives have no record of their homeworld. Like many reptilian species, they are cold-blooded, and like the Trandoshans, they gain a natural armor bonus to Defense. Other than Cydon Prax, the only widely known Chistori is the Dark Jedi Desann, a failed student of the Yavin 4 academy who would make life extremely difficult for Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn decades after the Clone Wars. Many lesser-known Chistori have found work as bounty hunters.

Chistori Commoner: Init -1 (Dex); Defense 10 (-1 Dex, +1 natural); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/12; Atk +1 melee (1d3+1, punch) or -1 ranged; SQ Cold-blooded, natural armor +1; SV Fort +1, Ref -1, Will 0; SZ M; FP 0; DSP 0; Rep +0; Str 13, Dex 8, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 8.

Equipment: Personal belongings.

Skills: Craft (any one) +1 or Profession (any one) +1, Knowledge (any one) +1, Read/Write Chistori, Speak Chistori.

Special Qualities: Cold-blooded -- The reptilian Chistori are very sensitive to cold climates. If exposed to extreme cold without proper gear, a Chistori immediately suffers a -2 penalty to initiative. Ten minutes of exposure causes a temporary reduction of -2 to all abilities. After 20 minutes of exposure, the individual must roll a Fortitude save (DC 15). Success means the Chistori maintains consciousness and suffers no damage. If the save fails, the Chistori suffers an additional -2 penalty to all ability scores. Further exposure means another Fortitude save every 10 minutes; the DC increases by +4 each time. If the Chistori's Constitution is reduced to zero, he dies. Once returned to a warm environment, a Chistori that has not already died will fully recover (regains all lost ability points) after 30 minutes.

Species Traits: +2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Cha.

Automatic Language: Chistori.

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