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Kelly Rowland To Re-Release CD?

A few sources are reporting that Kelly Rowland is planning to resurrect her last CD Ms. Kelly and re-release it in the hopes that it will sell some more copies. Speculation that the disc would be repackaged began at a recent concert in Atlanta when Kelly stated that she was working on some new tracks.

Although this hasn't been confirmed, re-releasing Ms. Kelly may be a good look for Rowland. If that's what it takes to sell this album and keep her off the pole, then we're all for it. We're just trying to wrap our minds around why a second single has yet to be released and the CD dropped over a month ago.


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thabiso says:

i luv d album a lot of growth in it . i blame d promoters who ignored her n d manager. i wl sure by d re release coz ms kelly is better dn bday bt b use sex appeal. ms kelly is fyn n gr8t


Hitman says:

I believe there are several problems with this album, and it has nothing to do with the songs. Columbia's not promoting the album, Matthew Knowles is not going to help out to the point where she outshines his daughter, and she still needs a style that would put the world on notice, something that would compete with Beyonce. But how could she do this without selling out and going super sexy or even raunchy like Janet or Britney Spears? In this industry, sex sells, and it takes away from the music. I wish I could help her, I do have a few good ideas for her, and I do want to see her give Beyonce some competition.


Thorne says:

I really think it is a great idea for a re-release of the album.... However, if it is to be successful Kelly should do it with a bang.... cmon we all know that she is the better singer to Beyonce... so she should not hold back.... I already love the album.... and intend to purchase the re-released version....


marquis g from bristol pa says:

i loved the cd i wish it could of had more club bangers if she puts out a re release then i think she should work with timberland and swizz beat. i brought the first ms kelly cd and i'm damn sure gonna buy the second re released cd


Surreal says:

I sure hope it's true. Kelly deserves the chance to show the world what she can really do. I just hope the girl STOPS HOLDING BACK.


Concerned says:

What I don't understand is why the girl seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. "Ms.Kelly" has been in stores for over a month now, but promotion for the album has ceased. There are no new videos, no current live performances, no appearances, NOTHING, but a couple of magazine articles (No covers though). It's as if her label has dropped her already, and pretty soon so will her fanbase (which does not seem to be very rampant). But hey, maybe that's what it will take for Kelly to wise up.

Wake up and eat the coffee pot girl. The very people you praise are playing you like the second-fiddle you are. Get away from the Knowles/ MWM/Sony/Columbia (hellumbia) Klan. RUUUN KELLY RUUUN!!!!


dray says:

And i am pretty sure that your opinion counts chelle810, that's why she asked u. Anyway, i liked the cd, it talked about something other than how many cars, clothes, women/men that the artist can bed. It had sustenance, something that is hard to find in the music industry now-a-days. I will support u Kelly and buy the re-released version. U go Kelly!


chelle810 says:

That cd sucked anyways.