Welcome to the Home of Hiberno-English
This site is dedicated to the study and promotion of Hiberno-English: Hiberno (=Irish, and English), indicating that we are dealing with English that has been profoundly influenced by features of the Irish language.

This site will be of interest to students and scholars of Anglo-Irish literature, students and scholars of Hiberno-English and English dialects in general, Irish people and those of Irish ancestry who are interested in how and why Irish people speak the way they do, those with an interest in Irish folklore, and finally non-native speakers of English studying in Ireland who want to be familiar with the idioms of English as used in Ireland.

This site provides an introduction to the history and grammar of Hiberno-English. It also provides a small number of Hiberno-English related links, and relevant details of Hiberno-English related events, such as public lectures, radio broadcasts and so forth.

The main purpose of this site, however, is to build and maintain an archive of Hiberno-English words, phrases, sayings, and idioms, collected and collated by Professor Terence Patrick Dolan of University College Dublin - a world authority on Hiberno-English lexicography and author of A Dictionary of Hiberno-English: The Irish Use of English published by Gill and Macmillan, Dublin 1998.

As with any lexical archive, its richness and value are directly related to contributions to it. The creators of this site, John Loftus and Professor Dolan, encourage its visitors to make their own contributions in the knowledge that Professor Dolan assesses all relevant contributions. Please click here for more information.

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