Enduring the evil entrapment

By: Craig Tello
Written: July 23, 2006

A bloodied Undertaker crossed through the Punjab jungles of hell to defeat ECW Champion Big Show in the first-ever Punjabi Prison Match, emerging victorious from the most barbaric and brutal contest ever seen in WWE. Escaping the massive, menacing bamboo entrapment, the Phenom made a resounding statement: Undertaker is back.

In an unexpected turn of events, SmackDown General Manager Thedore Long exercised his authority at the Bash and ordered Big Show to compete against Undertaker in place of The Great Khali. The announcement came as a result of a vicious backstage ambush by Big Show and Khali just moments before the Punjabi Prison Match.

With the exception of Khali and Daivari, the nature of the Punjabi Prison Match was unknown to all heading into the Bash. Thus, the Indianapolis crowd was brought to a dramatic hush as the towering bamboo structure was lowered over the ring.

The Punjabi Prison bore two imposing walls; the inner structure at 16 feet tall, and the spike-lined outer enclosure at 20 feet in height. The only way to win the match was to escape both lethal structures.

The interior structure consisted of four doors, each manned by a referee who would raise the door for 60 seconds when called for by either competitor. After 60 seconds, the door would close and be padlocked for the remainder of the match. The outer structure had no doors whatsoever; meaning the only way to escape was to scale the bamboo, endure the razor-sharp spikes at its top, and climb to the floor.

Each man sized up the Punjabi Prison as they made their entrance, starting with a dismayed Big Show who shook his head in awe of the deadly construction. Next, the Deadman himself rounded the Prison like a shark that had caught the scent of blood.

The match began with a barrage of big fists and huge headbutts from the extreme giant, Big Show. The ECW Champion also utilized the selection of weaponry that lined the inner structure of the Punjabi Prison, including leather straps and the bamboo bars of the prison itself. The Phenom fought back after reversing Show’s chokeslam into a thunderous DDT and made the first attempt at escape.

Undertaker called for the first door to rise, but was thwarted in his exit by Big Show. The ECW Champion would later call for the second door of the prison to open, but the door shut on Show’s hand just as he reached for it.

The turning point occurred as Undertaker hit a huge superplex from the top rope, causing the entire Punjabi structure to shake. With his opponent down, the Deadman called for the third door of the inner bamboo cage to open and escaped.

As the Phenom climbed the outer prison framework, Big Show exited through the fourth and final door. Show stopped Undertaker from scaling the prison and tossed him through a table set up within the enclosure. With time still remaining for the last door of the inner prison, Big Show carried the Deadman back and rolled him into the ring just as time expired, trapping Undertaker inside.

Refusing to stay down, Undertaker climbed the inner structure and crossed from one dangerous prison wall to the other to meet Big Show who had begun his ascent. The Phenom dropped the ECW Champion, swinging from a rope on the cage to boot Big Show down to the floor.

It looked as if Undertaker was about to be ambushed yet again as The Great Khali and Daivari made their way out to ringside. As both the Punjabi giant and Daivari climbed one side of the structure, Undertaker scaled the wall of the inner prison and leaped at Big Show who stood between the inner and outer structures. With Khali and Daivari nearly inside the prison, Big Show caught the Deadman in mid-air and tossed the 300-pound Phenom into the outer prison wall. The bamboo frame gave way and Undertaker’s body was sent through the prison to the outside, making him the victor.

The referee raised Undertaker’s arm as Big Show laid motionless and The Great Khali and Daivari looked on in disbelief. Having endured a battle that would destroy most men, the Phenom then triumphantly rose to his feet and stood tall with his tongue lashed and eyes rolled deep in the back of his head.

Several moments later, an infuriated Big Show would also rise, but to his knees. With his fists clenched, the blood-laden giant shook intensely and let out a horrible, anguished cry. Is this the end of the issue between these men? Or is this just the beginning of a brand new war?

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