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Complete listing of content — 1986 – Today

Code One began as a publication of the Product Support department of General Dynamics in 1986. Early issues had color covers with black and white inside pages. Most back issues of the magazine are no longer available in print form and complete sets of Code One are very rare. Code One has published several special editions (covers shown below). These include two collections of the late Joe Bill Dryden's contributions to Code One. Called Semper Viper, these articles were written specifically for F-16 operators.

The Art of the F-16 issue, another special issue, highlighted artwork featuring the Fighting Falcon. We highlight some of this art in the Artists section of codeonemagazine.com. The two articles detailing the design evolution of the F/A-22 were published in single special issue in 1998. We have also published special issues on aviation photographers (first quarter 2000), F-16 operations over Afghanistan (third quarter 2002), and first-hand accounts from operators of various Lockheed Martin platforms that performed in Operation Iraqi Freedom (first quarter 2004). The photographer edition was the starting point for the photographer pages on codeonemagazine.com. The fourth quarter 2003 edition was printed with a special cover for the Dubai Air Show as well.

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