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At What Cost? HIV and Human Rights Consequences of the Global "War on Drugs"
March 2009
This OSI report examines the unintended consequences of aggressive antidrug policies on people who use drugs, their families, and the health care providers who work with them.

About the Public Health Program
The OSI Public Health Program works with civil society organizations to promote the participation and interests of socially marginalized groups in public health policy and foster greater government accountability and transparency through civil society monitoring and advocacy.

Ten Reasons to Oppose the Criminalization of HIV Exposure or Transmission
December 1, 2008
This document co-produced by OSI and other leading human rights and HIV/AIDS organizations presents ten reasons why applying criminal law to HIV transmission is unjust and ineffective public policy.

Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for Health and Rights
August 2008
This OSI report highlights the efforts of advocates and sex worker groups from around the world to organize and define their human rights.

Strategies for Change: Breaking Barriers to HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care for Women
August 2008
This OSI report highlights the efforts of HIV activists, women�s advocates, and health experts to address the needs of marginalized women including sex workers, drug users, and women living with HIV.

Women and HIV Testing: Policies, Practices, and the Impact on Health and Human Rights
July 2008
This Law and Health Intitiative fact sheet provides information on HIV testing policies and examines their impact on women's health and human rights.

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Twin Epidemics: The Struggle Against Tuberculosis and HIV
December 2008
A series of multimedia pieces spotlighting OSI-supported efforts to address the needs of people dually infected with drug-resistant TB and HIV in Africa.

A Light in the Dark: Health Services for Drug Users in St. Petersburg
August 2008
This multimedia piece documents the work of an OSI grantee fighting to save the lives of injecting drug users.

Amplifying Voices: A Series of Digital Stories
This OSI-sponsored collection of videos gives voice to the concerns of people marginalized by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

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Slovakia Unlawfully Denied Roma Women Access to Their Medical Records, European Court Rules
Press Release
April 28, 2009
The Open Society Institute supported the Center for Civil and Human Rights in pursuing this case, which involved women seeking evidence that they were forcibly sterilized after giving birth.

European Committee Rules Bulgaria Is Violating the Right to Health Care for Roma People
Press Release
April 18, 2009
In a landmark ruling, the European Committee of Social Rights found that Bulgaria is in violation of the European Social Charter by failing to meet its obligations to ensure that Roma have adequate access to health care.

Global War on Drugs Takes Devastating Toll on Human Lives, Advocates Say
Press Release
March 5, 2009
In advance of a UN meeting meant to set the direction of drug policy for the next decade, the Open Society Institute released a report documenting the health and human rights costs of current, repressive approaches to drug control.

"Stop the Stock-Outs" Campaign Launched in Africa
February 26, 2009
The Open Society Institute and civil society organizations from across east and southern Africa have launched a campaign aimed at ensuring access to essential medicines.

New Round of Health Scholarships for Roma Launched in Romania
Press Release
February 25, 2009
The Open Society Institute and the Roma Education Fund launched the second year of a groundbreaking health and pharmacy scholarships program for Roma students and health professionals.

Macedonia Establishes First Community Home for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Press Release
December 3, 2008
This first-ever community-based home, supported by OSI, constitutes a major step toward ending social exclusion of people with disabilities in Macedonia.

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OSI Forum: Emergency in Zimbabwe—A Legal Response for a Health Crisis
OSI-New York
January 21, 2009
Experts from Physicians for Human Rights and Human Rights Watch assessed the health crisis in Zimbabwe, at this Open Society Institute panel discussion.

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