Project Description Owner Last Change
abs.git Arch Build System scripts Allan McRae 2 months ago
aif.git AIF is the ArchLinux Installation Framework Dieter Plaetinck 7 weeks ago
archboot.git Repository for archboot Tobias Powalowski 10 hours ago
archiso.git The official archiso scripts repo Aaron Griffin 6 weeks ago
archweb_dev.git Arch dev site code Dusty Phillips 10 days ago
archweb_pub.git Arch main website code Dusty Phillips 3 days ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository (AUR) Simo Leone 7 weeks ago
autowifi.git Unnamed repository; edit this file to... Thomas Bächler 19 months ago
dbscripts.git Official repo DB scripts Aaron Griffin 3 weeks ago
devtools.git The official devtools repository Aaron Griffin 3 weeks ago
initscripts.git Arch Linux initscripts repository Thomas Bächler 2 months ago
installer.git Arch Linux install scripts and docs Tobias Powalowski 3 months ago
klibc-extras.git The official klibc-extras repository Thomas Bächler 8 months ago
linux-2.6-ARCH.git Arch Linux kernel patch repository Thomas Bächler 2 weeks ago
mkinitcpio.git The official mkinitcpio repository Aaron Griffin 11 days ago
namcap.git The official namcap repository Jason Chu 5 weeks ago
netcfg.git netcfg network scripts repository James Rayner 3 days ago
pacbuild.git The official pacbuild repository Jason Chu 17 months ago
pacman.git The official pacman repository Dan McGee 2 days ago
server-misc.git Miscellaneous server scripts for archlin... Aaron Griffin 6 months ago
srcpac.git The primary srcpac repository Jason Chu 2 weeks ago