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One Piece S-DX Cushion: Chopper
Code: BNP45381-A Series: One Piece
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About $14.84 USD; €11.31 Euros
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54.57Argentina Pesos
20.84Australian Dollar
32.94Brazil Reais
18.18Canadian Dollar
114.99Hong Kong Dollar
161,111.11Indonesian Rupiah
53.47Malaysian Ringgit
196.24Mexican Peso
26.51N.Z. Dollars
98.31Norwegian Kroner
717.11Phillipine Pesos
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17.10Swiss Francs
500Taiwan Dollars
524.41Thailand Baht
10.10United Kingdom Pound
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Stock Status: Discontinued DiscontinuedWhat this means
Originally Released:November 2008
Size/Weight:40.0 x 20.0 x 20.0 cm/330g
Shipping Estimate:
EMS: 2,220 yen, SAL: 1,080 yen
EMS SAL Currency
22.71 11.05 US Dollars
17.32 8.43 Euro
83.55 40.65 Argentina Pesos
31.91 15.52 Australian Dollar
50.43 24.53 Brazil Reais
27.84 13.54 Canadian Dollar
176.05 85.65 Hong Kong Dollar
246,666.67 120,000 Indonesian Rupiah
81.86 39.82 Malaysian Ringgit
300.45 146.16 Mexican Peso
40.59 19.75 N.Z. Dollars
150.51 73.22 Norwegian Kroner
1,097.92 534.12 Phillipine Pesos
34.05 16.57 Singapore Dollars
30,377.67 14,778.33 South Korea Won
188.46 91.68 Sweden Krona
26.18 12.74 Swiss Francs
765.52 N/a Taiwan Dollars
802.89 390.60 Thailand Baht
15.47 7.53 United Kingdom Pound
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Assembly Guide:Skill LevelCement (Y/N)Paint (Y/N)
Product Overview:This item is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure. It does not require either cement or paint to complete or use.
If you love Chopper, you'll love this soft and comfortable cushion! A catcher-game prize item from Banpresto, it's 34cm (almost 13 1/2 inches) long by 20cm (not quite 8 inches) wide, and is delightfully fuzzy and huggably soft. The image of Chopper on the front is appliqued and embroidered. The perfect thing to rest your head on during those cold winter nights!

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