SCOTT BURNETT has won the 2009 North American Darts Championship, defeating Darin Young 6-3 in the final.

Burnett, from Sacramento, wrestled the title from Young's grasp to claim the biggest title of his career.

Following a 6-1 win over Timothy Ebbs in round one, Burnett then overcame Brian Blake, Jim Widmayer and Tim Grossman in tight matches to reach the quarter-finals.

There, he overcame left-hander Ray Carver 6-1 and then ended a fine run from Chuck Pankow - who had knocked out number one seed Gary Mawson in the last eight - to reach the final.

Alongside the $6,000 first prize, Burnett's performance has also earned him a qualification place in the Las Vegas Desert Classic.

"Overall this is my best performance ever," said Burnett, who was left in tears after sealing victory.

"I'm thrilled to have won this tournament and now to be in the Las Vegas Desert Classic."

Young dropped just one leg in his first three matches in the event, against Eddie Lawrence, Garrett French and Tim O'Gorman, before defeating Chris White 6-2 in the quarter-finals and Jerry Van Loan 6-3 in the semis.

Young and Burnett will be joined in the Las Vegas Desert Classic by White and Bill Davis, who are the other North American Order of Merit qualifiers to join the PDC's top 16 and 12 qualifiers at the Mandalay Bay Resort in a month.

Davis narrowly hung on to his place in the event, with Young's win over Jerry Van Loan in the semi-finals ending the New York lawyer's hopes of qualifying for the Desert Classic.

2009 North American Darts Championship
Round One
Scott Pressey 6-4 Frederick Krueger
Anthony Rohlfing 6-3 John Davis
Sean Moran 6-2 Daniel McKittrick
Dave Switzer 6-0 Orland Lozano
Robert Peterson 6-2 Keith Connor
Billy Bumgarner 6-3 Barry Todd
Bill Bell 6-2 Robert Tafuri
Tom Curtin 6-0 Scott Rodenbaugh
David Walsh 6-0 Paul Hunt
Ron Miller 6-0 Robert Race
Mark Schlesinger 6-5 Rob West
Chuck Pankow 6-1 Bruce Graham
Stuart Brown 6-1 Thomas Mendel Jr
Avery Barry 6-2 Jason Smith
Damien McKeon 6-0 Bill Smith
Joseph Swick 6-3 Patrick McKeon
Roy Chad 6-2 Daniel Naylor
Steve Bailey 6-0 Adrian W. Lewis
Doug Holley 6-1 James Horan
Tim Grossman 6-5 Robert Sinnaeve
Mike Maguire 6-3 Edward Bushee
Scott Burnett 6-1 Timothy Ebbs
Troy Kepley Bye (Sean Smyth withdrew)
Jim Widmayer 6-1 Jim Newman
Darren Starr 6-1 David Hascup
Jeff Russell 6-1 William Franklin
Joe Slivan 6-0 Adam Sherlock
Steven Freundt 6-2 Robert Ferris
Joseph Rutsky 6-5 Levi Remick
Tom Sawyer 6-3 Dennis Bromirski
Robert Heckman 6-0 Mark Rohlfing
Jerry Van Loan 6-0 Ron Linstruth
Tom Waterman 6-1 Craig Akin
Joe Chaney 6-1 George Kelley
Jason Barlow 6-4 Mark Venable
John Rice 6-0 Steve Maguire
Ron Colvard 6-0 Gerard Zuilkowski
Lito Moises 6-4 Derek Ewell
Dave DePriest 6-3 Cameron Paine
Wayne Budgen 6-2 Jared Gurman
Mark Nielsen 6-5 Jeffrey Stienberg
Kory Nichols 6-4 Tony Callagni
Eddie Lawrence 6-0 Bobby Elliott
Peter Nadeau 6-5 Greg Tong
Garrett French 6-4 Burt Van Wie
John Finnegan 6-1 Dennis Savicke
Tim O'Gorman 6-3 Bobby Freeman
Ryan Killian 6-2 D. Thomas Watson

Round Two
Gary Mawson (1) 6-4 Scott Pressey
Anthony Rohlfing 6-2 Sean Moran
Dave Switzer 6-5 Donnie Strode (16)
Billy Bumgarner 6-2 Robert Peterson
Shawn Brenneman (8) 6-0 Bill Bell
Tom Curtin 6-0 David Walsh
Isen Veljic (9) 6-2 Ron Miller
Chuck Pankow 6-1 Mark Schlesinger
Ray Carver (5) 6-1 Stuart Brown
Avery Barry 6-5 Damien McKeon
Scott Kirchner (12) 6-4 Joseph Swick
Roy Chad 6-4 Steve Bailey
David Fatum (4) 6-4 Doug Holley
Tim Grossman 6-1 Mike Maguire
Scott Burnett 6-5 Brian Blake (13)
Jim Widmayer 6-4 Troy Kepley
Bill Davis (2) 6-5 Darren Starr
Joe Slivan 6-3 Jeff Russell
Davis Snider (15) 6-1 Steven Freundt
Tom Sawyer 6-4 Joseph Rutsky
Larry Butler (7) 6-2 Robert Heckman
Jerry Van Loan 6-1 Tom Waterman
Stephen Panuncialman (10) 6-4 Joseph Chaney
John Rice 6-5 Jason Barlow
John Kuczynski (6) 6-5 Ron Colvard
Dave DePriest 6-3 Lito Moises
Chris White (11) 6-5 Wayne Budgen
Mark Nielsen 6-1 Kory Nichols
Darin Young (3) 6-0 Eddie Lawrence
Garrett French 6-3 Peter Nadeau
Pete Riehl (14) 6-4 John Finnegan
Tim O'Gorman 6-3 Ryan Killian
Losers $200

Round Three
Gary Mawson (1) 6-1 Anthony Rohlfing
Dave Switzer 6-2 Billy Bumgarner
Tom Curtin 6-4 Shawn Brenneman (8)
Chuck Pankow 6-5 Isen Veljic (9)
Ray Carver (5) 6-2 Avery Barry
Scott Kirchner (12) 6-1 Roy Chad
Tim Grossman 6-1 David Fatum (4)
Scotty Burnett 6-4 Jim Widmayer
Bill Davis (2) 6-2 Joe Slivan
Davis Snider (15) 6-2 Tom Sawyer
Jerry Van Loan 6-2 Larry Butler (7)
Stephen Panuncialman (10) 6-4 John Rice
Johnny Kuczynski (6) 6-1 Dave DePriest
Chris White (11) 6-4 Mark Nielsen
Darin Young (3) 6-0 Garrett French
Tim O'Gorman 6-2 Pete Riehl (14)
Losers $300

Round Four
Gary Mawson (1) 6-5 Dave Switzer
Chuck Pankow 6-3 Tom Curtin
Ray Carver (5) 6-1 Scott Kirchner (12)
Scott Burnett 6-5 Tim Grossman
Bill Davis (2) 6-5 Davis Snider (15)
Jerry Van Loan 6-3 Stephen Panuncialman (10)
Chris White (11) 6-3 Johnny Kuczynski (6)
Darin Young (3) 6-1 Tim O'Gorman
Losers $400

Quarter Finals
Chuck Pankow 6-3 Gary Mawson (1) 
Scott Burnett 6-1 Ray Carver (5)
Jerry Van Loan 6-2 Bill Davis (2)
Darin Young (3) 6-2 Chris White (11)
Losers $850

Scott Burnett 6-3 Chuck Pankow
Darin Young (3) 6-3 Jerry Van Loan
Losers $1,600

Scott Burnett 6-3 Darin Young (3)
Winner $6,000
Runner-Up $3,000