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About OSI & Sexual Health

OSI�s Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP) was launched in 2005 with an aim to increase access to health care and advance the health-related rights of those who are marginalized because of their sexual practices, sexual orientation and/ or gender identity. This includes work with sex workers and sexual minorities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, and transgender persons. SHARP works towards this mission by building the capacity of civil society leaders and groups to effectively address the health of these populations and advocating for accountability and a strong civil society role in the design and implementation of rights-based policies and practices that have the most impact on the health of sex workers and sexual minorities.

The areas where SHARP is currently funding are the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Eastern and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. The project employs a range of grant-making and operational strategies to achieve its mission including:

1. Building the capacity and leadership skills of sex worker and sexual minority activists and groups so that they are able to fully participate in developing and implementing policies and services that impact their health and rights.

2. Advocating for health-related laws, policies and practices that ensure just and equitable treatment for sex workers and sexual minorities.

3. Establishing mechanisms to increase information sharing and foster relationships between civil society, activists, governments, donors and the general public on the health needs and rights of sex workers and sexual minorities � and their respective responsibilities to address them.

4. Increasing funding and other resources from donors, governments and allied organizations to advance the health and health-related rights of sex workers and sexual minorities.

SHARP distributes information on key sexual health and rights advocacy issues, events, and grant opportunities as they arise. To subscribe to the SHARP Notes, please see the Sexual Health and Rights Notes�webpage.�

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Advisory Group

Maxim Anmeghichean, Programmes Director, European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (IGLA-Europe), Etterbeek, Belgium

Chris Beyrer, Director, Johns Hopkins Fogarty AIDS International Training and Research Program, Johns Hopkins University SHPH, Baltimore, MD

Ann Jordan, Director of Initiative Against Trafficking in Persons, Global Rights, Washington, D.C.

Claire Thiboutot, Consultant, Montreal, Canada

Ruth Morgan Thomas, Project Manager, Scottish Prostitutes Education Project, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Read the full bios of Advisory Group members.

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