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UFOsRevealed is the resource for Christian Ufologists.  Learn of the true conspiracy behind the UFO phenomenon.  The coming battle for this planet has been documented in ancient manuscripts for more than 4000 years. There is hope for those oppressed by abduction experiences. It can stop!!

Ancient of Days UFO Conference July 4-6, 2006 in Roswell, NM. Guests included: Bill Alnor / Stephen Bassett / Richard Dolan / Ann Druffel / David Flynn / John Greenewald / Mike Heiser / Jim Hickman / Joe Jordan / Eve Lorgen / Guy Malone / David Sereda / Jim Wilhelmsen. Make your reservation for next year and get the tapes.

  Stop Abductions Now!
  Learn how to stop an alien abduction.
  Defend yourself against attack.  Resitence is Fertile.

Case Files of An Internet Exorcist, the new book from author Chris Ward, deals specifically with the spirital and supernatural side of the UFO phenomenon and stopping abductions. Order today!

"Abductaholic- a person who is unwilling or unable to stop their abduction experiences either by reasons of their own, by human intervention and deep-leveled programming, or by mind control cults. These experiences have become an addiction to the soul, and in many cases, the unfortunate, result of a generational curse."

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Click here.  Browse there.  Close the new window to return here.  For repeated and heinous crimes against humanity, Resistance is Fertile.  Here you can find Abductee Contactee Counseling,  the Karla Turner tribute, Testimonies  of  Victorious  Resistance.  Find a Biblical perspective of supernatural entities, realms of existence, and phenomenon in this online book from author John W Milor.

CE4-  Over 50 documented cases of alien abductions being stopped. Abduction research and case files from Joe Jordan. with an understanding of Enoch, Jim Wilhelmsen explains the mysteries of the paranormal through Scripture. - Foundation For Abduction Research and Support. Abduction stopping resource for women experiencers by Lisa Davis. debunking the typical gap theory and suggesting a possibility of genetically engineered flesh bots. Internet radio show hosted by Guy Malone. Noon - 2pm Mountain Time  In the Logos Christian Fellowship web site, Origins of Demons, Exorcism, Aliens and the Bible, Zecharia Sitchin, Nostradamus, Garden of Eden from UFOsRevealed author Chris Ward.

Noah's Millennium Ark-   Prepared for the new millennium.  Cosmic Conspiracy, Dream Visions and Dare to Prepare by Stan and Holly Deyo.

Reasons To Believe- How do UFO's fit in the intelligent design theory of the universe? Hugh Ross author of Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men explains.  Here you can read the online book Come Sail Away from author and administrator of Alien Resistance HQ in Roswell, NM, Guy Malone. Author Lynn Marzulli introduces his book Nephilim, a work of fiction that exposes the UFO phenomenon to spiritual truth.

Truth and Things-  This web site brings Biblical apologetics to the UFO phenomenon by Carmen C. DiCello.  take a look at the new book Ranks from author of The Agenda, Beverly Fox

Watcher Ministries- UFO's and the Bible.  Aliens: Angels or Demons?  It's incremental acclimatization from THEM! by David Flynn. - Author Bill Schnoebelen gives an inside look at modern spiritual movements of free masonry, mormons, wicca, and ufology.

Guy Malone of Alien Resistance HQ has a new book. Here is sample. Read the rest.
"There is NOT a singular bottom-line truth behind all UFO sightings, encounters, and abductions, and especially no viable, logical end in sight from any ONE position. We are pinning tails onto a chameleon. As soon as we attach an explanation that "fits," the entity itself changes and then runs off! Demons do not explain the reports of men in military uniforms who cannot be rebuked or cast off by "spirit-filled" believers. Tesla and/or Nazis did not build the Pyramids of Giza, nor is their DNA being studied at Area 51. But neither would truly advanced entities travel 90 billion light years to specifically debunk one religion, while at the same time starting many new ones - nor especially put humans like Ti and Do, Rael, or L. Ron Hubbard in charge of them if they did!"

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