Psychology of Attraction

Psychology of Attraction

    By Mary Kearl

    Ever wondered how and why you become attracted to someone or how to know if they're feeling the same way? And, for those of you with long-term lovers: How can you get back those first feelings of tingly chemistry? Beverly Palmer, Ph.D. and professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, whose area of expertise includes the science behind attraction, love, sexuality and flirting, answers these questions and more. Read on, as she reveals the number-one sign of passion and five ways to rekindle it once it fades.

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    Greatest Sign of Passion

    "The most important sign of attraction is mutual eye contact," says Palmer, who is also a spokesperson for the American Psychological Association. "This is a brief glance, initially. It is not a stare, because staring is hostile." If a woman glances at a guy and he notices, he'll probably glance back. In turn, the woman will probably look again, and if he's interested, he'll look again. This repeated volleying of eye contact is an indication of mutual interest and can lead to more body signals.

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    Beyond Initial Attraction

    From the first stage of relationships -- passion -- there is a progression towards what relationship experts consider the second and third levels of being a couple -- emotional intimacy and commitment. "That passionate part really only lasts a maximum of two and a half years, if people are in continuous contact," says Palmer. This stage relies heavily on nonverbal attraction. Emotional intimacy can develop very early on, but that's "what can grow and keep partners attracted to each other."


    Human "Preening"

    After initial eye contact, if two people are attracted to each other, one or both people will engage in "preening" behaviors -- they will touch a part of their body that accentuates what they think is particularly sexually attractive, says Palmer. A woman might throw back her shoulders, lick her lips or touch her legs. A man may straighten his tie, stand with his hips jutted forward or put his fingers through his belt loops. "These kinds of initial, nonverbal gestures occur at a less than conscious level, not in a manipulated or conscious way." Preening behaviors, however, are noticeable to the person on the observing end. Witnessing these behaviors could be an indication that this person is attracted to you. You may also become aware of the attractive physical features that they are "preening."


    Mirrored Body Language

    Around the same time that preening behaviors are occurring, mirrored actions may appear between a pair, reaffirming mutual attraction. "If one crosses his legs, the other will cross her legs. It is an additional body language that says 'I'm interested in you,'" according to Palmer. At this point, both players become aware of their behavior and ask, "Should we go to the next level?"

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    Should You Follow Your Nose?

    With the number of colognes, perfumes (thank you Britney and P. Diddy), deodorants and body lotions available on the market, you would think fragrance was the number one determinant of sex appeal and relationship success. Maybe, but probably not, says science. Pheromones, chemicals that travel through the olfactory system to the brain, can trigger either a biological or behavioral response, and may account for changes in libido. But this does not necessarily provide an explanation as to why you find one person more appealing than another. "There is some research that says pheromones could play a part in attraction, but it's more complex than that. It's usually sight," that triggers attraction, says Palmer. And often, people are attracted to the stereotypical standards of beauty, she says.

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    Looks vs. Personality

    Honest and homely, helpful with a radio face? If you think you're destined to a life of soul-searching singledom, results from a 2007 study on attractiveness and personality published in "Personal Relationships" may give you hope. Psychology researchers found that people who have positive personalities were rated as more attractive than average, and conversely those whose personality traits were judged to be negative -- such as unfair or rude -- were less appealing physically.

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    Do People Have "Types"?

    What people are really looking for in a long-term partner -- not consciously -- is someone they feel will complete them or fulfill unmet needs, says Palmer. "If you feel that you're not good at making initial social contacts, you'll be attracted to someone who you feel is very socially skilled." Or, if you have unfinished business with a parent, ex or other person from your past -- maybe you never felt like you earned their approval -- you then become unconsciously attracted to a person that will set up that dynamic with you, so you can earn the approval that you never felt. "That's why people could appear to have 'types' if the person is similar to the person they dated before."

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    Does Passion Have to Fade?

    Those feelings of initial attraction and chemistry can remain in long-term relationships and marriages, but they may not always be at the forefront. The reason, Palmer explains, is that because when emotional intimacy comes into play, people realize that commitment and understanding usually trump physical attraction. However, says Palmer, when there's any indication that one partner's level of attraction, emotional connection or commitment is waning or has disappeared, it sends a message to the other: "My partner is not as attracted to me as she or he used to be. Uh-oh the attraction is gone."


    1. If You Hate His/Her Voice (Body Odor, Taste, Etc.):

    He may have made you swoon and get weak at the knees at one point, but by now you've seen him at his best and his worst -- and those not-so-appealing characteristics and habits you may have once overlooked may be grating on your last nerve. "Try to make those features that you are attracted to outweigh those that you're not attracted to," suggests Palmer. "When characteristics you overlooked initially come out more and more, there are such a wide range of sensual characteristics that you can focus on that you can be attracted to those." Focus your attention on them instead.


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      A3darcher4 12:54:50 PM Jun 03 2009

      More women would stay home and not cheat on thier man if these men would learn about how to orally please a woman. The way i do it is if i can not eat something then i throw it away. If something taste good and pleasure is part of the equation, I go back for more. I am a male and been with the same woman 23 years, I can't say she has not cheated, because i am not around her 24 / 7. But i try and do my part, to keep her here.

      BabyGrL25 12:34:20 AM Apr 29 2009

      30 Years, lol. sounds like you've attained 'LOSER' status.

      Baddassguitar 09:45:04 PM Apr 25 2009

      relationships= BLAH!!! LOL women suck at em, be careful guys..30 years dating, and i can honestly say women are B$!*ichez!!!! lol

      mariaitaliana33 02:33:31 PM Apr 06 2009

      I guess everyone has different reason for staying in / not staying in a relationship with someone. Overall I think human beings are complicated. In my experience, a long term boyfriend decided that the difficult times we faced were not what he anticipated on, and therefore wanted to break up but not move on. He wanted to continue to act like a Boyfriend but not hold the title of one. I never understood that. The reason why it didn't work was because he want willing to compromise and cut ties with former flames (which he had asked me to do). When trouble presented itself, I drew closer to him, while he ran for the hills. How devastating... I'm still terribly hurt over it. I've had an enormous time letting go...still trying.

      Dirockson 01:56:03 AM Jan 14 2009

      Unfortunately finding love is not an easy one and holding on to it no matter what kind of relationship you have is hard....Making it last is complicated...

      Dirockson 01:51:26 AM Jan 14 2009

      Love is often blind, but the attraction is knowing that the flerting is mutual andyou can smile and laugh together and feel happy...

      Dirockson 01:38:35 AM Jan 14 2009

      Gee that sounds like someting one of my X's had said about mehe fell for my rack...which is 40DDD now

      Dirockson 01:26:40 AM Jan 14 2009

      I fell for my frist love at fifteen it was his voice, but also his eyes and his Kiss his was not my frist kiss but it was one of the best at age 15 I was he was a bit older.. we both kissed at the same an instant conection...The fact that he heard me and knew I liked poetry brought me a poem and didn'tor wasn't rich back then and it wasn't about money he nurtured my soul... it was a toughtful gift...and he ment so much to me a gift that put him forever in my soul.

      Dinodose 10:41:06 PM Nov 22 2008

      Tese42s, your life must suck... Just sayin'. :P

      Tese42s 05:15:28 AM Nov 22 2008

      It is all bs. We love pieces and parts of someone, not everything.

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