Miqati Announces Tripoli's Coalition List, Jabal Mohsen Residents Protest

Former Premier Najib Miqati announced the "Tripoli Coalition List" on Wednesday, stressing that the ticket would work for a strong and modern state that would preserve the country's sovereignty and independence.
The ticket includes: Miqati, Samir Jisr, Mohammed Safadi, Mohammed Kabbara and Ahmed Karami who are Sunnis, Badr Wannous, who is Alawite, Orthodox Robert Fadel and Maronite Samer Saade.

"We are convinced that there will be no security and political stability if there was no social stability, not only in Tripoli and the north but also in all of Lebanon," Miqati said at a rally in the northern port city.

"We are running in Tripoli on a unified ticket. You wanted a list which unites not one that divides," Miqati stressed.

In his turn, Economy and Trade Minister Safadi urged supporters to make June 7 a date of victory for those who believe in the Taef accord and legitimate institutions.

MP Saad Hariri also addressed the rally, saying "in line with the will of the residents of Tripoli we have worked to reach the best coalition and agreement among the political forces, who believe in sovereignty and independence in Tripoli."

Meanwhile, several residents of mostly Alawite area of Jabal Mohsen blocked the road leading to the area with stones and earth mounds to protest Wannous' inclusion in the "Tripoli Coalition List."

The National News Agency said army patrols in Bab al-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen tried to contain the situation after young men attacked a passing vehicle with stones and broke its window.

Jabal Mohsen residents later cut with burning tires the road that separates the area from Bab al-Tebbaneh, according to NNA.

The situation, however, returned to normal in Tripoli as the army patrolled the two Tripoli neighborhoods after sporadic bursts of gunfire were heard in the areas.


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