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M2's recent addition of "Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N' Roll?" - the almost year-old debut single from California narcotic rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - has prompted an unexpected surge of interest among otherwise pop-conditioned viewers. Young, moody, defiant, reclusive and enjoying every minute of it, B.R.M.C. is repaving the backburnered musical path long ago forged by bands like Jesus and Mary Chain and The Verve - a path now too-often bypassed in favor of the sonic expressway offered by radio rock. Recoil spoke briefly with an assumedly stoned Peter Hayes - guitarist/bassist/vocalist for the rebellious three-piece - as B.R.M.C. prepares to next tackle Europe on its seemingly endless tour.

Recoil: How sick are you of being compared to the Jesus and Mary Chain?
Peter Hayes:
I could thing of worse things, really. I don't really think we sound a whole lot like them. It might throw people off a bit if they're expecting us to sound like them or be them somehow. So we try not to worry about that and try to prove ourselves as being our own band.

R: Will there be a new album anytime soon?
Hopefully when we get back from Europe we'll be able to do some recording.

R: I understand B.R.M.C. chose to sign with Virgin because the company offered to give you all-encompassing creative control of your albums, as opposed to signing a number of other deals promising more money. Are you still proud of that decision?
It was also about getting enough tour. Actually, that was the whole idea behind getting with the label - to be able to do enough touring and get everywhere around the world. We were afraid it might get pretty iffy [if we signed a different deal] and wouldn't be able to get around the world doing music if we made a mistake and went with a company [that would provide proper tour support]. So yeah, it was a good decision as far as I'm concerned. It got us where we want to be.

R: Why does your band keep itself shrouded in mystery and evasion?
No, all of them are great actually. I can't pick out even one certain place... As long as somebody's coming to see us. We've been lucky enough to have people come to see us.

R: Do you guys have any money or are you broke?
We're starting to be able to pay our bills. As long as we stay on the road.

R: Are any of you guys married?
No. We have money for food and hotel rooms. And cigarettes, so.

R: Did M2 add your single to rotation of its own volition or was that all music industry strong-arming?
From what I've been told, they've done it on their own. Which is very nice. I guess somebody there is actually a fan of the band and wanted to try to help us out.

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