Torture photos from Abu Ghraib

Posted here because sanitizing war perpetuates war and the insane, sadistic, fascists that perpetrated this foreign policy, must be jailed for life to protect humanity, and the apathetic, indoctrinated sheep of America must know what they have done, what they have agreed to, and what they have allowed to happen in their names.


The neocons and their PR stooges in the corporate media want us to debate whether or not waterboarding is torture (a debate only a desensitized sadist would even consider) and these photos show the effects and application of torture on POWs, in violation of every law of civilization.


Results of dog bites

Dog bite wounds

Dog bite wounds

blood in the hallway after torture

POW covered in shit

POW in shower, covered in shit, and forced to eat it

POW who lost control of his bowels from torture (photo from above)

POW forced to sodomize himself with a banana

sadistic bitch points to POW forced to masturbate for her

Pows forced into homosexual demonstrations

Infamous sexual pyramid in hallway of Abu Ghraib

Female POW forced to expose her breasts to occupying soldiers

Stitches in the ear of beaten POW

Fingers amputated on POW nicknamed "The Claw"

Sadist, Graner beats hooded POW

Wounds on arm, hand, and belly of POW

Wound on forehead of POW

Wounds and blood cover POW

Puncture wounds from bullets or other projectiles in butt of POW

Blood on boot and pants of US soldier

sadistic fuck, Graner, poses with POW beaten to death

POW murdered by US troops