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Millionaire philanthropists Howard and Roberta Ahmanson pull back the curtain on their lives, their beliefs and their work.

About this series
Howard F. Ahmanson Jr. was born into wealth, the only child of the founder of the Home Savings and Loan empire.
But his upbringing was troubled. As young as 7 he questioned whether his fortune was a threat to his spirit. Thrust into adulthood at 18 when his father died, Ahmanson eventually found a path as a born-again Christian.

With God as his compass and wife Roberta Ahmanson as his partner, he set out to find useful ways to unburden himself of his money


Burden of wealth
Philanthropists Howard and Roberta Ahmanson wanted to explain themselves and their beliefs, which they see as a calling to do good.
Unconventional couple
Rich eccentric Howard Ahmanson Jr. encounters his life partner, Roberta.
The strength of their conviction
The Ahmansons' clout doesn't sit well with people who disagree with them.
Making an art of giving
The Ahmansons, through their donations, are on a mission to teach history and promote the arts.
PART five
Fostering their vision
The Ahmansons look to their future, as well as that of their teenage son.

‘The world is your oyster’
PROFILE: The early building blocks of Howard Ahmanson Sr.’s success were not financial riches, but a solid and loving family.

‘A gold sewing machine in heaven’
Q&A: Howard and Roberta Ahmanson

Giving generously to their causes
A list of the top 20 organizations the Ahmansons support.

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