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Amazing Radio launches on DAB, promoting unsigned talent

Amazing Radio, a new national DAB station, has launched, replacing the cult Birdsong Channel.

Amazing Radio launches on DAB, promoting unsigned talent: Amazing Radio launches on DAB, promoting unsigned talent
Amazing Radio will replace the Birdsong Channel which has filled a vacant slot on the Digital One network over the last year, and gained somewhat of a cult following. Photo: CHRIS GOMMERSALL

The new national station will only play music by unsigned artists and be broadcast across the country via the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) platform.

Amazing Radio will source its music from songs which have been uploaded to the music website, amazingtunes. This service launched in 2006 and currently has approximately 15,000 tracks in its archive. If users choose to download and pay for any these songs from the site, 70% of revenue will go to the artist.

The station will replace the ‘Birdsong Channel’ which has filled a vacant slot on the Digital One network over the last year, and gained somewhat of a cult following.

However fans will be reassured to learn that birdsong is still available on selected radios made by the radio-set manufacturer PURE, and via PURE’s radio and media portal: PURE lounge. Enthusiasts will be able to enjoy six types of birdsong, ranging from ‘active daytime birds’ to ‘cooing doves’.

Amazing Radio will broadcast for a six-month trial period on the only national commercial DAB multiplex, playing a mixture of indie, urban, rock, jazz and pop music.

It becomes the third digital-only station available on national DAB, alongside Planet Rock and the armed forces station, BFBS.

It is headed up by Paul Campbell, former BBC producer and founder of parent company, Amazing Media, and will also promote unsigned presenters, chosen on the basis of demos uploaded to

A digital radio switch-over date is expected to be set by Lord Carter, the Communications Minister, when he releases his final Digital Britain report on June 16. This will give a much-needed time frame for both companies and consumers to make the shift from FM over to DAB. on Digg


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