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The Public Health Program works closely with individual Soros foundations to implement policies and support local organizations. Find out more about Soros foundations.

Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for Health and Rights
August 2008
This OSI report highlights the efforts of advocates and sex worker groups from around the world to organize and define their human rights.

About OSI & Sexual Health and Rights
The Sexual Health and Rights Project of the OSI Public Health Program works to ensure that people who are stigmatized because of their sexual practices, sexual orientation, or gender identity have access to quality health and social services and can effectively advocate for their rights.

Documenting Human Rights Violations of Sex Workers in Kenya
December 2008
This OSI-supported report documents abuses experienced by sex workers in five locations in Kenya, and analyzes the policies that undermine sex workers� access to rights.

Resources for Sex Workers' Health and Rights
December 2008
The Open Society Institute supported the creation of a multilingual collection of online resource materials to advance the health and rights of sex workers.

Reports on Patients' Rights Violations in Kyrgyzstan
November 2008
In a ground-breaking review of patients� rights in Kyrgyzstan, four reports supported by OSI reveal shocking evidence of widespread human rights violations and abuses in hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

SHARP Sexual Health and Rights Notes
The Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP) distributes information on key sexual health and rights advocacy issues, events, and grant opportunities as they arise.

OSI and Partners Organize Anti-Trafficking and Sex Worker Rights Meetings
December 12, 2008
OSI collaborated with partners to hold two meetings exploring the rights and health of sex workers and the impacts of anti-trafficking approaches that rely on the criminalization of prostitution.

Sex Workers in Southern Africa Face Increasing Barriers to Rights, Health Care
Press Release
November 14, 2008
Sex workers in Southern Africa are subjected to widespread human rights abuses, according to a report released by the Open Society Institute.

SHARP Note: October 2008
October 2008
Produced by the OSI Sexual Health and Rights Project, this issue includes a call for applications, and details on upcoming trainings and camps.

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