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The twelves are the ultimate twin trapeze sailing skiff with a hull weight of only 45kgs, a 12ft waterline, 6ft beam and unrestricted sail area. The incredible sail area to weight ratio generates the most awesome acceleration with recorded top end speeds well over 20 knots. Going downwind at these speeds the small easily driven light weight hulls are constantly becoming airborne under their massive mast head asymmetric spinnakers. With a rigged sailing weight of just 75kgs most skiffs have an overall length (including the carbon asymmetrical spinnaker bowsprit and crew outriggers aft on the transom) approaching 26ft. The boats are constructed from the very latest materials & technology. Every individual component on the skiffs is built to be as light as possible for maximum speed. The unrestrictive nature and rules of the class allow individuals the freedom to optimise their skiffs and constantly develop and experiment with new ideas. 12ft Skiffs are the ultimate in high performance sailing. They are the formula one of skiff sailing.


hull con Van Munster Boatbuilding manufactures light weight, high strength, high performance skiffs.

The composite pre preg hull, foredeck, self draining cockpit and bulkheads components are manufactured from SP Systems SE 84 uni-directional carbon fibre pre preg's over Nomex cores. These components are vacuum bagged and oven cured at over 85 degrees Celsius. This construction technique produces skiffs of maximum strength for minimum weight. It is the same technology that would normally be associated with the construction of Grand Prix racing yachts such as America's Cup, Canting Keel Super Maxi or Volvo Ocean Racing yachts.

Van Munster Boatbuilding can supply individual components for kit assembly, bare hulls, foils, through to fully rigged race ready skiffs.

Pre preg Carbon/Nomex Hull $20,800 (Inc GST)



    ·Self draining cockpit
    ·Carbon frames and internal structure
    ·Carbon center board case
    ·Carbon bowsprit
    ·Solid foil shaped bobstay
    ·Composite carbon forestay attachment point @ stem
    ·Spinnaker cut outs in foredeck
    ·Mast step tube

For more construction detail see individual component section.

Extras for Pre preg Carbon/Nomex Hull
Item Description
Composite chainplates Carbon/Kevlar
Whisker pole Moulder whisker pole
Whisker stay Composite whisker pole
Kevlar cockpit Additional Pre preg
Tack line tube Through foredeck tube
Transom tube Installation of carbon
Composite solids Installed composite
Jib track carbon Installed carbon tube
Jib cars(sliders) Carbon sliders jib cars
Jib cleat mounts Carbon plate jib cleat
Rudder frame Installed clear carbon
Undercoat Hi-build epoxy primer
Paint One colour sprayed in

nomex         carbon

Components are the ideal solution for those that have the desire and passion to build their own skiff. Purchasing components will save time and money. You get the performance and longevity benefits of high tech carbon pre preg construction without the huge setup costs involved in starting from scratch. The following prices are for components made from the most premium materials. Packages can be created to suit individual needs and budgets. Contact us with your requirements.

Carbon/Nomex Pre preg Hull
The hull is laminated from the “WOOF” design male mould and is supplied as a bare carbon shell. SP Systems, SE 84 Pre preg. Uni-directional carbon skins are laminated either side of 10mm Nomex core. The laminate is vacuum bagged and cooked at over 85 degrees Celsius.

Epoxy hi-build undercoat is additional

Carbon/Nomex Pre preg Foredeck
SP Systems 84 uni-directional carbon pre preg/nomex composite laminated over a male deck mould and cured at +85 degrees Celsius.

Carbon Frames/Panels

Vacuum laminated and oven cured carbon/epoxy foam sandwich panels for frames.
Supplied (minimum order of 2.7sqm)
Panels have a peel ply finish for secondary bonding applications.

Frames are fitted and bonded into hull ready for bonding cockpit floor. All frames fitted to Van Munster Pre preg skiff have a moulded carbon T-flange. The carbon T-flange ensures that components are precisely fitted resulting in excellent bond strength for minimal weight.


The front watertight bulkhead and main bulkheads are also constructed from pre preg uni-directional carbon skins either side of an 8mm nomex core. The carbon pre preg/nomex bulkheads enhance stiffness under high rig loading.

Self draining cockpit floor

cockpitThe self draining cockpit floor is constructed from a Pre preg uni-directional Carbon laminate with 10mm Nomex core. The component is laminated in a female mould.

Additional Pre preg Kevlar reinforcing

Pre preg Kevlar reinforcing can be laminated to the outside skin of the self draining cockpit to improve impact resistance.

Moulded Gunwales/Crew Outriggers

Gunwales and crew outriggers are laminated over a male box selection mould. The carbon fibre is laminated with Ampregg 22 epoxy resin and vacuum bagged and post cured for maximum strength. The section allows the gunwales to be formed into the crew outriggers.

Carbon epoxy rudder (including tiller)
Carbon epoxy centreboard

Please Note:
Other construction options are available on request.

Prices include 10% GST (exports out of Australia are exempt from GST).
All boats are built to order. Construction time for a bare hull is 5 weeks and delivery is 6 weeks to 6 months depending on work load (components – 2 weeks).
Payment made in full before any items leave the factory.
Prices are subject to vary without notification.
Please contact us for a formal quotation and specifications.