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 Better Transport for Islington
The campaign for access to Kings Cross station from islington

Bridget Fox has a long record of campaigning for better transport for people in Islington.

She says "Transport matters. It affects everything from climate change and the economy, to the way we feel each day. I want public transport that really works, not just for people passing through Islington, but for everyone who lives here."

Islington is a densely-populated borough - with the lowest levels of car ownership in London. So we need high quality, safe public transport, fit for a 21st century city.

That means:
  • Delivering Crossrail 1 & 2 and Thameslink 2000.
  • Bringing the East London line extension through Islington to Caledonian Road & Barnsbury.
  • Cutting bus & tube fare evasion and reinvesting profits in better services.

  • Bridget opposes adding a new runway at Heathrow, which will undermine action to fight climate change and improve air quality, and bring more aircraft noise over Islington. Instead, she supports investment in high quality rail links across Britain and Europe.

    Bridget is passionate about making walking round Islington safer and easier: as a councillor she championed the borough's new streetlight and paving programme, and introduced wayfinding boards and hanging baskets to brighten the streets.

    Bridget's current campaigns include:
  • No more bendy buses on Islington streets - [more]
  • Keeping east-side access to the new Kings Cross station - [more]
  • A safer pedestrian crossing at the Angel - [more]

    In 2006 she won a prestigious National Transport Award for her work. Bridget says "I won't stop fighting for better transport for Islington."

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