This site is devoted to exposing the forces behind the wrongful deaths and murders of Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul in Paris, France on August 31, 1997.  The central tenet of WeThePeople is that the primary motive force behind the murders of Diana and Dodi is Elizabeth Regent, current Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth ordered the murders of Diana and Dodi because she could not stomach the idea of William and Harry having a Muslim step-fatherThe Queen was aided and abetted in the murders by New World Order forces. These New World Order forces knew long ago they would be engaging in a "clash of civilizations" scenario whereby they would try to steal Islamic oil. They could not risk that Diana would in fact marry Dodi, their marriage acting as a bridge between the Christian and Muslim worlds, thus fatally undermining the "clash of civilizations" scenario and all of their carefully laid plans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Diana Forum is now closed.  Please see directly below.

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With the publication of a letter written by Diana in which she predicts her own death in a staged car accident, engineered by her former husband Prince Charles, there is not much more left to be said.  Our Diana Forum will henceforth be closed.  It will serve as an archive for students, investigators, and historians of the Diana case.

The motives behind those reponsible for Diana and Dodi's murder have become crystal clear, as outlined in our opening statement above.  We trust that no one has any doubt of the truths of which we speak.  If so, we urge you to re-read this website, careful to connect all the dots; and they do connect.

As we have said before, those responsible for Diana's murder haven't gotten away with it; Diana has won, her enemies have lost.  The House of Windsor is the subject of scorn, a full 85% of respondents in a British poll saying she was the victim of foul play.  As for New Worder Order forces: what goes around, comes around, hey?  It must have seemed so simple.  With Diana and Dodi out of the way, with Bush safely ensconced in the White House, the clash of civilizations scenario could go forward, first Iraq, a cakewalk, and then Iran and Syria.  Well, things haven't worked out quite as planned, have they?  Of course they haven't.  There was no chance they would.  We could have told you that (indeed, did tell you, not that you would ever listen to reason).  And now it's all coming unglued in the hot desert sands of Iraq.

Diana's life and death is proof that there is a God, and He is a just one.  Even in death, Diana continues to command respect and admiration.  What does the Queen and her bloody crew command?  Or the universally hated and detested NWO?

The message of Diana's life, then, is ultimately an optimistic one, of the victory of life over death, truth over lies, hope over despair.

Courtesy Paul Burrell's "A Royal Duty."  The Daily Mirror later revealed it was in fact Prince Charles who was referred to in the blacked-out section.

"My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”.



The above photograph, one of the most historic ever taken, was shot approximately 600 yards from the Le Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, where the ambulance carrying Diana had inexplicably stopped for ten minutes, allegedly to administer a dose of adrenaline to Diana, explicitly denied by the hospital.  This photo summarizes the entire scenario behind Diana's murder: Here you have a French official talking on his cell phone, while not more than ten feet away the mother of the future King of England's life drains away, when this official and every other official present should have been yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs for the ambulance to dispatch with all haste to the hospital, where a medical team of 25 of Paris' most experienced medical professionals had been assembled and could very well have saved the poor woman, if only they would get the ambulance to the hospital!

To the Fayed Camp:  You should forthwith use all resources necessary to identify who this official is, who he is talking to on his cell phone, and what was said.  Further more, you should match photos of the medical personnel in the ambulance with those reported to be on board.  Do they match?  And if so, are there any other personnel inside the ambulance who are not reported to have been on board?  In an extremely good close-up of this photo that we possess and that we forwarded to you (actually a separate photo taken from the same angle, only zoomed in) you can see three distinct people inside the ambulance.  Were three people reported to have traveled in the ambulance to the hospital?  Did unknown persons enter the ambulance at any point?  On this last issue, we will have much more to say in the future.  Suffice it to say now a full and complete accounting of all personnel in and around the ambulance that night is an imperative.

One email correspondent to this website has speculated the official might not be French, but British.  This is a definite  possibility.  If our hunch is right, a legitimate SAMU crew arrived at the Alma tunnel with the express purpose of doing everything in its power to save Diana.  However, once it became clear that high-level powers were involved, and that they (the doctors) were being thwarted from doing their job (by a compromised ambulance driver driving at a snail's pace?), the doctors balked, deciding they wanted no part in what was unfolding, thus necessitating the two stops on the way to the hospital, one only 600 yards away. It may be at either or both of these stops that unknown persons entered the ambulance, for the purpose of doing to Diana what the legitimate SAMU medical personnel would not and could not bring themselves to do.

There would be no logical reason for the hospital to have released that statement denying specifically that it had stopped the ambulance in front of the hospital if the doctors aboard had been legitimateIt would be interesting to match up photos of these "doctors" with British embassy personnel known to have been in Paris that weekend, especially when we consider MI6 top officials Richard Spearman and Richard Dearlove were both reported to be in Paris that weekend, operating out of the British Embassy.

One thing to constantly  remember is that Diana died because of that obscenely long one hour ride to the hospital, and that ambulance ride can never, ever be justified by the French.

 Master Chronology Of Events Surrounding
The Crash That Killed Diana, Princess Of Wales, On 31 August 1997



On June 11, 1998, there appeared on CBS 48 Hours television show a one hour special devoted to the Alma crash.  Fortunately, we taped this program.  At the time, we didn't think much of it.  The host, Dan Rather, let it be known from the outset that he thought it was a case of the paps, booze and speed.  Hence we put the tape on our bookshelf where it gathered dust.  Our mistake.  It was only after a recent viewing of the program, sometimes frame by frame (which is the only way to really watch it), did we realize what we had. The CBS 48 Hours special on the Alma car crash is one of the most important documentaries ever made.  It rivals, indeed, surpasses the CBS nightly news broadcast that appeared one day after the crash of TWA Flight 800.  On this broadcast they showed the actual radar images from TWA flight 800.  These radar images showed a missile circling around, and then striking, the big jumbo jet.  But unfortunately, nobody in the entire western world appears to have videotaped that newscast, and said newscast and said radar images have seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.  Fortunately, the CBS 48 Hours Diana special didn't meet a similar fate.

Some of the unforgettable images we will be showing you over the next several weeks were culled from that program.  But most important of all, the 48 Hours Diana special included an interview with witness Brian Anderson, an American businessman who was in Paris that night, and who was traveling behind the mercedes at a distance in a taxi cab.  We had heard Mr. Anderson speak many times before, as we are sure most people have.  But we have never heard him say what he said to Dan Rather that night.  In clear, unequivocal language, Anderson says he saw a damaged motorcycle down on the ground, in the tunnel, as he and his taxi driver passed the crash scene.  The only other known mention of this damaged motorcycle was a CNN report dated the day of the crash.  Anderson's statements confirmed the existence of this motorcycle.  We kindly ask you to click on his photo to hear his statements in his own words.

Brian Anderson

Absent the sudden reemergence of British secretary Brenda Wells, Anderson's words are the strongest direct evidence we have of a conspiracy.  His words offer concrete proof of foul play present in the car crash that killed Diana and Dodi.The French have certainly never spoken one word about this motorcycle or even acknowledged its existence, nor have they given any indication of who may have been on the motorcycle, if they were injured at the scene, or if indeed they are alive.  If this motorcycle and its rider(s) were part of the assassination team, as they surely were, then that of course explains the French silence.

To Mohammed Al Fayed:  First, let us say we were heartened by your comments in Talk Magazine, which were forwarded to us.  In it, you named Prince Philip directly as one of the primary forces behind your son's murder.  We haven't heard you speak this openly before.  Bravo.  But you must keep in mind that old saw: "My real enemy has yet to reveal himself."  So it may be with you.  Even as you move to bring Philip, et al., to the bar of justice for their crimes, you must keep in mind your real enemy lives here in the United States, a man who had the power to look away blindly and allow the murder to go forward, or intervene decisively and stop it.  Inevitably, you and this man must battle if you are to achieve true justice for your beloved son.  Steel yourself to the task ahead, even as you deal with more immediate concerns.  God will give you strength.  You should also draw strength from courageous women such as Paula Jones, Linda Ives and Jean Duffey - brave individuals who had the conviction to take on the most powerful man in the world, and achieve victory (as in the case of Paula Jones) or are still fighting bravely against all the odds (Linda Ives and Jean Duffey).

And now to the issue at hand: Brian Anderson's statements, except to those who just don't want to face the facts, offer concrete, hard-core, court-admissible evidence of foul play.  Mr. Fayed, you should immediately take this evidence and plop it on Judge Stephan's desk.  You should then ask - no, demand - that he produce the damaged motorcycle along with a detailed forensic analysis.  You should demand to know who was on the motorcycle, what happened to them,if the motorcycle impacted with the mercedes,if the rider(s) were injured, if they were taken to the hospital, if they escaped and were not found, in short, any and everything there is to know about this motorcycle and its rider(s).

We don't believe the French will ever willingly concede the existence of this motorcycle.  They know full well their goose is cooked if they do.  They only way they will do so is if you and the public at large raise cain to such an extent they can no longer remain silent and are forced to concede the truth.

To our readers:  After you listen to the above .WAV file, you should save it.  You can do this by using the FIND function in your Explorer menu.  Search for the file Anderson3.wav.  Usually it will be in your Windows/Temp directory or the cache directory of your browser.  You can then save it to a folder or directory of your choice.

This is important should Anderson, under threat or coercion, later change or modify his statements.  This .WAV file, and the video from which it was taken, are undeniable proof that he in fact said what he said, and saw what he saw.






The above photographs, captured from a CBS 48 Hours documentary on the Alma crash which aired on June 11, 1998, certainly rank among the most important ever taken.  We don't know who took these photographs, although we have our suspicions.  No matter.  What is important is that the pap who took them had the good sense, amid the chaos of that night, to follow the ambulance until it got to the hospital. We could go on for days discussing the implications of these photos.  Here are just a few of the things the Fayed camp as well as our readers need to consider:

1.  Are the SAMU crew who work on Diana in photos 1 and 2 (numbering from top to bottom) the same as the men who are working on her in photos 3 and 4?Photos 1 and 2 were taken in the tunnel.  Photos 3 and 4 taken 600 yards from the hospital when the ambulance, for reasons yet to be satisfactorily explained, just dead stopped for ten minutes.  Although 1 and 2 were taken from behind, we understand there are advanced enhancement techniques that allow for profile matching, even in a case such as this.  Helping matters considerably is the overall good quality of photo 4.  The two "doctors" in the photo have readily identifiable features.  Also, it should not be that difficult for the Fayed camp, if necessary, to obtain frontal shots of the medical personnel working on Diana in the tunnel.  Again, we ask, are they the same people?  And if not, did at some point unidentified personnel enter the ambulance during its slow crawl to the hospital?

2.  In photo 1, there appears to be a police motorcycle in the bottom of the frame.  This reminds us of the two police motorcycles that somehow lost the crawling ambulance.  How do you lose a crawling ambulance?  Was it deliberate?  And if so, why?  And who gave the order?  Was the withdrawal of the motorcycle escort the French saying to the British, "Look, if you want to do her in, that's your business.  We want no part in it." - at which point medical crews are switched, a British crew substituting for the SAMU crew, and the French motorcycle escort goes on its merry way, thus leaving the ambulance and escort cars entirely British operated?

3.  Photo 3 is a close-in shot of the very first photo we posted at the top of this segment.  It is a good quality shot of the French official talking on his cell phone.  Again, who is this official?  What exactly did he see that night?  The Fayed camp should have no problems identifying him.  And who is he talking to?  Could it possibly be Chevenenment? And might he not be British rather than French?  And if British, might it not be profitable to check his face against known British intelligence personnel operating out of the British Embassy that weekend?

4.  Regarding photo 4: What can we say?  Years from now, when your children and grandchildren ask you, Who killed Diana?  You may very well open your photo album and show them this photograph.  In our humble opinion, this may be the single most historic photograph ever taken.

    A:  Photo 4 was taken 600 yards from the hospital.  We all know the scenario by now: Supposedly the ambulance had stopped because Diana had entered cardiac arrest and it was necessary to administer a shot of adrenaline.  But the hospital went out of its way to deny it had stopped the ambulance so that adrenaline could be administered.  We believe the hospital.  So we ask, what in God's name were they doing to the poor woman in that ambulance?

    B:  Were they trying to save her life?  Or were they trying to do something other than save her life?  Did these men have their own secret agenda, which was not in the best interests of Diana?

    C:  And by the way, who the hell are these men?  Are they the same "doctors" who started out with Diana when the ambulance left the tunnel?  Statements from the supposed doctors that treated Diana in the tunnel have been reported in a number of books on the crash.  Thus it should be a straightforward matter for the Fayed camp and internet investigators to match up the names of the doctors with the actual faces of these men.  Do they match?  Are they in fact the same people?  And if not, do they match up with known MI6 operatives operating out of the British Embassy that weekend?

    D:  In the photo, two men are readily identifiable.  However, if you look closely, you can also see the arm of a third person.  This arm appears to be holding Diana's IV bag.  Unless that arm is Diana's, which is highly unlikely, that would mean at least three people are in the ambulance at this point.  Has it been reported there were three SAMU personnel in the ambulance?  How many people has it been reported were in the ambulance?

    E:  In this photo, and in other photos we have of these men, there appears to be no great urgency on their faces.  Remember, we are told that Diana supposedly has gone into cardiac arrest.  An attempt is to be made to revive her.  Yet where is the urgency?  Is it just us that sees nothing in these men's faces that leads one to believe Diana is in fact in cardiac arrest?  You have the same complacency as the official talking on his cell phone while the ambulance dawdles only 600 yards from the hospital.  The same complacency as Chevenement wonders where the ambulance is.  Admittedly, this is a highly subjective view from us, but we think it still valid.  We find nothing in these men's faces that lead us to believe they were doing what they claimed they were doing. Somehow, it epitomizes the entire scenario of Diana's wrongful death.

We urge you to study those faces in photo 4, burn them into your memory.   Everyone knows what we think happened that night: That Diana, though seriously hurt, was very much alive after the crash and most assuredly would have lived if taken immediately to the hospital; that the purpose of that long ambulance ride was not to increase her chances of surviving, but to reduce her chances of surviving, the architects of the car crash fearing the consequences if she lived; that at some point, the French decided they wanted out, thus necessitating at least one of the stops along the route, with a possible change from French to British medical personnel; that even after all this, Diana was still strong, alive, and fighting, hence the need to stop only 600 yards from the hospital,to take decisive action to ensure her ultimate demise before she reached Le Pitie Salpetriere.

We know all this is difficult to stomach.  Even we don't like to think about it.  To think that Diana, who may have been aware what was happening to her, and tried to fight...  Like we said, even we don't like to think about it.

Although we have no intentions whatsoever of closing our website, we believe we have fulfilled the promise we made to Diana way back when.  We believe we have identified the men directly responsible for her death.  Save photo 4, put it on a disk, bury it.  So that long after the ashes and dust have settled on our civilization, and future historians try to discover anew just who killed the glittering Princess of Wales, they may find your disk, see the photo, and have their answer.


Brian Anderson - 48 Hours

Joanna Luz - CNN Aug 31, 1997

Scott Macleod - Time Magazine  CNN - Aug 31, 1997

 Tom Richardson - CNN Aug 31, 1997


Page One
Page Three

These heavily censored documents give us a hint of the concern Diana's anti-landmine campaign had caused among American military planners.  The question before all thinking men and women is this: Did Diana's crusade cause consternation to such an extent within the US military that it was only too glad to look the other way when the orders to get rid of Diana were handed down?  It has never been the contention of WeThePeople that the orders to kill Diana came from the United States.It has been our contention that US political leaders (Clinton) and US military leaders (the Joint Chiefs) looked the other way and allowed the Crown's sanction to go forward.  And these documents only reinforce our contention.

The release of these documents is a small first step.  Actually, the Defense Intelligence Agency is being quite disingenuous.  This report is dated after Diana's death.  What we need to know is just how much of a threat the Defense Department viewed Diana before her death.

We've had time to review the videotaped statements of some of the witnesses, as well as published reports of what the SAMU doctors said and did.  Here are our thoughts:

1.  Scott Macleod, in the audio tape excerpt above, states a witness told him he saw a motorcycle down in the tunnel.  This eyewitness is entirely independent of Brian Anderson.  Anderson did not stop at the scene and only came forward the next day when he learned it was Diana in the car that he saw had crashed in the tunnel.  Thus we have independent confirmation of the downed bike.

Macleod also makes mention of the fact that someone told him one of the paps (presumably whoever was on the downed bike) was taken to the hospital.  When we consider the fact that the first ambulance on the scene was not SAMU, but from the fire department (which is connected to the french military), this account makes sense.  If one of the members of the assassination team went down, then the necessity to get him and his bike out of the tunnel as quickly as possibly.  We still have no accounting of who if anyone left in that first fire department ambulance.  The abridged Stephan report pointedly makes no mention of it, nor does it tell us what happened to it, where it went, and who was in it.

2.  According to theBook of Truth on the Death of Diana, a certain doctorJean-Marc Martino arrived in a SAMU ambulance at 12:32am.  Dr. Martino says he arrived on the scene with his driver and an intern medical student(Michael Massebeuf). Let's leave aside the wisdom of an intern being a member of the medical team attending the princess.  We now have names we can attach faces to.  There is also mention of a Dr. Armold Derossi being onboard the SAMU.  However, the text is unclear about this.  At one point he states he arrived with the SAMU, but Dr. Martino makes no mention of him at any point.  Dr. Martino is quite specific: "I went off with the resuscitation ambulance and its usual crew: a paramedic driver and an intern who is a medical student in training."  No mention of Dr. Derossi.  But let's be generous.  Let's say Dr. Derossi was in the ambulance when it arrived and left for the hospital.  Thus we have three readily identifiable figures, and one (the driver) whose identity we don't know as yet.

Dr. Jean-Marc Martino
Dr. Armold Derossi
Michael Massebeuf, Ambulance Attendant

To all our friends, especially our good friends in France: it should be a simple matter to obtain photos of these men and compare them with the men we see treating Diana in the ambulance.  Do the photos match?  Are they the same men?  If they do match, then these men owe the world a detailed, comprehensive explanation as to just what the hell they were doing in that ambulance only 600 yards from the hospital.  They also need to explain why the hospital went out of its way to specifically deny it had stopped the ambulance so a shot of adrenaline could be administered.  If the photos don't match, and at some point unauthorized personnel entered the ambulance, then we need to know who they are, what they are doing there, and why.

Now let's quote Michael Massebeuf:

"At the Jardin des Plantes, the doctor [which doctor? Dr. Martino?] asked me to stop.  We stopped for about five minutes so he could carry out a treatment which required absolute immobility."

Wow!  Immediately one has to ask: What "treatment" required absolute immobility?  Long-time students of the Diana case will certainly know the answer to that!

And now Dr. Martino:

"We stopped at the end of the pont d' Austerlitz.  The patient was suffering a fall in blood pressure.  Then we left again for the hospital, where we delivered the Princess to the duty [of the] resuscitation team, under the charge of Professor [Bruno] Riou, to whom I explained the situation.  The victim had weak BP (blood pressure) and had been intibated and ventilated."

Wow again!  Notice the monumental sleigh of hand.  In one moment we have the princess suffering a fall in blood pressure.  Then, presto! in the next sentence the ambulance is once again on its way.Why doesn't Dr. Martino tell us what happened in the ten minutes from the time they stopped to treat her falling blood pressure, to the time the ambulance takes off again?  What transpired in that ten minute interval?

We sympathize with Dr. Martino's predicament.  If the world were to ever know the truth of what transpired in Dr. Martino's missing ten minutes, not only France and Britain, but the entire Western world might now be in the throes of violent upheaval and revolution!

Some Additional thoughts

Re-reading Dr. Martino's statements, it's clear that if Dr. Derossi arrived with the SAMU ambulance, he didn't leave with it.  Dr. Martino makes it plain that he was in charge and the sole physician on board.

Another matter: It's been a long while since we have mentioned it, but never forget the role Patrick Riou may have played in Diana's demise.  At the time of the crash, Patrick Riou was head of Police Judiciae in Paris. He arrived at the scene 15 minutes after the crash and took over security of the crash site.  Before assuming his post as head of Police Judiciae, he was head of the French-Spanish Anti-Terrorism Group, which was closely linked to GAL death squads.  Speculation has long been that Patrick Riou himself may have commanded a secret network of death squads capable of carrying out the assassination of Princess Diana.

Also, never forget the role of landmines.  It is a documented fact that after Diana spoke with Hillary, President Clinton agreed to sign on to the Ottawa Initiative for the total abolition of landmines.  It's also a fact that after Diana's death, Clinton decided it wouldn't be a good idea after all.  America is the world's preeminent merchant of death, with world-wide sales of arms in the billions.  And read between the lines in the DIA documents.  Post-Cold War, why would the Pentagon be concerned about landmines in the defense of Europe?  Of course it wasn't, NATO/NWO forces long ago knowing they would be going to war in Serbia, and one, knowing they might possibly need landmines as a defense in a worst case scenario, and two, fearing Diana would intervene to stop the slaughter.


An email correspondent has tentatively identified the French official talking on his cell phone as Marcel Vinzerich.  Vinzerich, according to the Book of Truth on the Death of Diana, is a senior officer with the Prefect of Police in Paris.  It was he who was in charge of the ambulance escort.  Vinzerich thus would have been in a position to control how fast the convoy moved (or didn't move as the case may be); to allow unauthorized personnel in the ambulance (if a foul-play scenario present); and in general to ensure that Diana, if and when she arrived at the hospital, would face a dramatically reduced chance of survival.

This correspondent has further discovered:

* Marcel Vinzerich was recently awarded the French Legion of Honor.

* Patrick Riou, who at the time of the crash was only acting director of the Police Judiciaire, has now been promoted to be permanent head of Police Judiciaire.  These promotions are in line with the new world developing whereby those in tune with the one world government effort can expect to be honored, promoted, enriched; those against it, such as Diana, can expect one hour trips to a hospital within walking distance.

* Dr. Bruno Riou, who operated on Diana at the hospital, is an expert on poisonous gasses, and in particular those that disappear in the blood stream.  He has published widely on the subject, including the New England Journal of Medicine.

* When the ambulance stopped for ten minutes at the Pont d' Austerlitz, it was literally right at the front door of the Paris morgue, the Institut Medico-Legal.  Thus the question arises if the original plan wasn't to take Diana directly to the morgue, either because she was already dead (having bled out because of the prolonged ambulance ride), or if still alive, to finish her off at the morgue, away from the prying eyes of hospital staff.


A comprehensive investigation needs to be done of Dr. Jean-Marc Martino.  It was Dr. Martino who, after all, literally held Diana's life in his hands during that long ambulance ride.  The world deserves to know what Dr. Martino's qualifications are, who he is, what is his background.  We can't stress enough Dr. Martino is one of the keys of this case.


The September 18, 2001 edition of The Globe tabloid is the first "mainstream" mention of the fact that Diana, who may have been pregnant, suffered an abortion.  According to the Globe, "It is believed that the baby - possibly an inch long at that stage of development - was spontaneously aborted because of the trauma to Diana's body.  But doctors recognized that it was a fetus and it was disposed of with bodily wastes and other matter...

"However, the shocking details of Diana's condition were acknowledged by French doctors and notes were kept.  They are included in the secret autopsy report being circulated in Paris, and are shocking proof of Diana's condition and the subsequent maneuvers to hide the facts.

"The doctors notes will be included in a new French government report now being prepared, say sources in Paris."

The idea that a pregnant Diana may have prematurely had her pregnancy terminated was first advanced by the Senderberl website:

The Globe hedges on the abortion issue by stating that it was caused "spontaneously" due to the trauma of the accident.  This appears to be the line that will be taken to deflect from the truth of that insane one hour trip to the hospital:  namely, that the doctors attending Diana took decisive action to, one, terminate Diana's pregnancy, eliminating the half-sibling of William and Harry, and thus a potential claimant to the throne in the future, and two, dramatically reduce Diana's chances of survival, if and when she reached the hospital, through gross medical negligence.

The fact that out of the clear blue, the Globe has mentioned that Diana's baby may have been aborted, is indication that Queen Elizabeth is now being told in no uncertain terms that she must abdicate on her upcoming 50th Jubilee Anniversary - or else.

  National Security Council Admits To May 9, 1997 Diana Memorandum
NSC Correction:
The National Security Council has informed WeThePeople
That it made a mistake, that the date of the Diana Memorandum
Is June 9, 1997, not May 9, 1997.  We have appealed their decision
not to release it.

Note: WeThePeople still is in the process of appealing the NSC's refusal to release the June 9, 1997 Diana Memorandum.  Here is something to consider: Only four days before the memorandum was composed, which, according to the NSC, "involved decision making at the highest levels," Mohammad Al Fayed invited Diana aboard his yacht.  Did this decision by Mr. Fayed lead to the memorandum?  Did it trigger a series of decisions on the part of the United States Government that led to the crash in the Alma tunnel?  As long as the government refuses to release this and related documents, it will do nothing to squelch suspicion that it in some way played a part in the untimely demise of Diana and Dodi in Paris on August 31, 1997.

WeThePeople World Exclusive