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Bang Goes The Theory

Read on to get involved! From July 2009, BBC One launches Bang Goes The Theory, a brand new series with a hands-on approach to science.

From climbing a building using a vacuum cleaner to trying to enter the space race, Bang Goes The Theory will discover and challenge the scientific principles that shape our world.

Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield, Dallas Campbell and Dr Yan Wong are the presenters who will pool their knowledge and curiosity to put science to the test this summer, in a series co-produced with The Open University (OU).

Bang Goes The Theory will be supported by free events and a truly interactive website, so that you too can do real science online and at home.

But first, we're building a giant contraption to put science to the test live on air - if it all goes to plan!

We want you to get involved. Vote below on how you would want to transport Dr Yan across a 2.5m void, and follow our progress on the Big Experiment Blog.


Vote closes 18 June 2009

How can we transport Dr Yan across a 2.5m void?

Vote for which scientific means you would like to see:

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