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This is the story of a 14 year old boy, Daisuke Niwa, who turns into Phantom Thief Dark when he becomes enamored with a certain local girl that he is fond of. Poor little Daisuke is sucked into this tale of thieving, and the only thing that will return his life to normal is to steal the heart of the woman he loves. Too bad that the object of his affections only has eyes for his other, more dangerous self! Daisuke, or as his alter-ego, Dark steals artwork that have some sort of cursed power and cause troubles for the town and its people. Once the works of art are obtained, their power is sealed by him or his family (Daisuke’s grandfather and mother).

Episode Guide (Volume 1)

Stage 1: Dark Revived
On his14th birthday, Daisuke tries to give a love letter to Risa, but he backs down when she says she wants them to stay good friends. When he gets home, he learns that he turns into Phantom Thief Dark when he fondly thinks of Risa. Although he is reluctant, his grandfather and mother send him to his first mission to steal a statue titled “the Sacred Maiden”. On the way back from stealing the statue, Dark is spotted by Riku and to keep her quiet he kisses her.

Stage 2: Rekindled Feelings
Daisuke/Dark’s next mission is to steal a bird relief that is atop of the Central Church. However, Risa, who has a crush on Dark, makes Daisuke promise to go with her to see Dark late at night. Once Dark obtains the relief, he challenges Daisuke to escape without Dark’s help, and the winner gets to do whatever he wants. When Daisuke got back on the street, Risa was standing there and seeing her causes Daisuke turns into Dark, who then asks her out on a date.

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ADV Films Buy Me! Extras Trailer Characters Story