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Welcome - Our Mission

We, of the Bay Area Repertory Theater, being an emerging theater of color, will endeavor to produce plays and other cultural entertainment that will be relevant in its presentation, with excellence as our goal. To create a climate that will induce strong professional performances from actors, directors, and technicians. To share the stage with other Bay Area Theater Groups, forming an alliance with these groups to promote and teach theater arts to all ages. Thus, we do justice to those who came before and insure a legacy for those that will follow.

Bay ART plans to direct, produce and manage, theater and entertainment entities; teach theater arts (acting and stage management), co-produce and present plays and musical events with other Bay Area theater groups and agencies.

It is our intention to develop new audiences, especially people of color, both culturally and ethnically and to impart to this public the indispensable part theater plays in defining American culture. It is our goal to provide a venue in which theater artists gain experience in live theater productions in order to teach them new skills and develop a strong sense of self-worth in cultural awareness through an ethnic diversity program as members of an on-going production company.

Bay Area Repertory Theater
Malonga Casquelourd Center for The Arts
Formerly Alice Arts Center
1428 Alice Street, Suite #306 Oakland, CA 94612-4082
Telephone: 510.464.3086

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