Joe White Maltings
Joe White Maltings - Australia's Largest Mat Company

The Company

Joe White Maltings has a long and distinguished history.

ABB Grain's fully owned malting division, Joe White Maltings Pty Ltd was established when Joe White Maltings was merged with Adelaide Malting Company following the aquisition by AusBulk in 2002. ABB Grain is the parent company of Joe White Maltings following a merger with AusBulk in 2004.

With a production capacity of 500,000 mt Joe White Maltings is Australia’s largest malting company.

Malting plants are located in all six states. They are strategically positioned close to international ports and transport links or to Australia’s premium barley growing areas.

Innovation through carefully planned expansion and plant maintenance, along with the development of an advanced Quality Information Management System and the Joe White Malting Systems Micromalting Unit ensure our continued improvement into the future.

Joe White Maltings Pty. Ltd.:ABN 62 004 287 352
Joe White Malting Systems Pty. Ltd.(Micromalter only)
ABN 83 006 732 458
ABB Grain Ltd.: ABN 59 084 962 130

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